Feast Your Eyes With These Fruit Nail Art Designs That Are So Yummy!

Feast Your Eyes With These Fruit Nail Art Designs That Are So Yummy!

I start my day by eating a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast. I love all kinds of fruits - melons, strawberries, grapes, oranges, lemons (Yes, lemon is a type of fruit too because it contains seeds.) Anyway, I tried to envision what fruit nails would look like and I actually liked the idea. I did a quick IG search and found the cutest nail art designs EVER! They look so fresh, neat and pretty - I actually want to try them all. Feast your eyes, ladies!

1. When Life Gives You Lemons

Fresh, neat and pretty, your nails will look if this is the design you settle for. Don't forget to do a top coat of transparent polish to seal the design and make your nails look super glossy. 

2. Banana Mania

If you're into pop art, these banana themed nails will capture your style and personality perfectly. My advice - stay away from the minions! 

3. Pop That Cherry!

If I had a bowl of cherries right now, I would finish eating all of them in 10 minutes flat. After all, they're so tiny and juicy! I also like the idea of painting them on my nails. Painting my nails white first and adding the cherries in later. What do you think?

4. Go The Watermelon Way!

I think of summer every time I look at watermelon nails. This one here is chic and looks so fancy at the same time. 

5. An Apple A Day Keeps The Bad Vibes Away


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If you have an Apple phone, you might as well get apple themed nails too. Keep your twinning game strong yo!

6. Pineapple Fever


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You can't deny that these pineapple nails give vacay vibes! It's time to get into your bikini, put your sunnies on and turn heads with this pretty pineapple nail art. 

7. Do The Orange Twist

These orange nails are so pretty! Plus having this design on your nails is bound to fetch you a zillion compliments *Wink*

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