#BetterTogether: These Awesome Companies Have Taken It Upon Themselves To Make India Green

#BetterTogether: These Awesome Companies Have Taken It Upon Themselves To Make India Green

Did you guys know that according to reports, an average Indian consumes about 11 kg of plastic every year? Considering our population growth, it’s safe to say that our country alone is producing a whole lot of plastic waste. And who takes the entire burden? Mother Nature! If we continue at this rate, there’ll be more plastic in the sea than the fishes by 2050. Yes. Let that sink in.

However, the government and some individuals are taking it upon themselves to fight plastic pollution. About 25 states and UTs have banned some form of polythene carry bags, but the implementation is often lax (as is with most things in India). We’ve got a list of businesses that are making their own contribution to win the war against plastic.

1. The food delivery app Zomato has an option to #GiveUp, which allows the user to choose if they do or do not want cutlery.   

2. PVR Cinemas have taken it upon themselves to wage a war against plastic straws. Starting September you're not going to see any of these in the movie theatres.


3. Even Anand Ahuja's brand, Bhane has only been using cloth bags in their stores. Every small act of saying no to plastic counts.

4. Grassroot by Anita Dogre is also promoting sustainable fashion by using organic fabrics which can be easily recycled. They don't use chemical or synthetic dyes which is factory produced but use vegetable and natural colourings. 

5. ONGC is changing the game with the promotion of green crematoriums that would serve as the greener alternative to funeral pyres. Thanks to these, we would be able to save wood and reduce air pollution.

6. Ferns and Petals did an 'Adopt a Tree' campaign to fight deforestation. People could tie rakhis to the tree and help save the Earth's lungs.

Some states in India have already made it their mission to move towards a plastic-free country. The Maharashtra plastic ban had people cheering from all over the world, states like Odisha are taking their plan to eradicate single-use plastic very seriously. According to a news report in NDTV, Tamil Nadu government is banning plastic takeaway boxes. The hotels there are now giving a 5% rebate to people who carry their own utensils to restaurants. 

These small initiatives will make a difference to make India clean and green. Let’s win this war for the planet together!

Image Source: Shutterstock

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