These Are The Celebrity Hair Transformations We’re Obsessed With

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Before you delve into this story, be warned, you might end up catching the itch to dramatically transform your hair. Some people cut their hair because they feel the need to switch up their look from time and time whereas others see their mane as a canvas, a way to express themselves. If you're looking for some inspiration for your next chop or colour, you've come to the right place. We looked high and low and far and wide for some of the most fun (and dramatic) celebrity hair transformations. 

Keep scrolling for the best celebrity hair looks this year...

Chrissy Teigen

The transformation: From long and flowy to a short lob 

The style: No matter what your hair texture is, this hairdo just works for everyone. Not only can you dress it up with an infinite option of hair accessories but also just leave it loose, call it a day and still look chic. If your hair tends to be on the finer side, don't be afraid to add lots of layers for more volume.

Ariel Winter

The transformation: Reddish hair to blonde

The style: The Modern Family actor is never afraid of mixing up her look. While her natural hair colour is dirty blonde, she recently switched up in favour of an icy blonde look. The thing to keep in mind here? To cut out the brassiness of the colour, include a purple shampoo and conditioner in your hair care routine twice or thrice a month.


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Priyanka Chopra

The transformation: A full fringe and balayage

The style: Priyanka Chopra debuted her fresh 'do on her Instagram and added herself to the list of people who gave in to the urge of getting bangs in 2020. If you're going for PC's cut and colour, make sure you load up on some hair masks every once in a while. This will tame frizz and restore shine and softness.


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Kaia Gerber

The transformation: Long, brunette to pink bob

The style: Kaia Gerber has seriously had fun with her hair this year and we're not complaining. If you've put your hair through the grind like the model (who cut, bleached, coloured and then dip-dyed her hair), chances are you need to include bond repairing products into your routine. 


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Alia Bhatt

The transformation: Long hair to a collarbone grazing lob

The style: Alia Bhatt was one of the first actors in quarantine to jump onto the DIY haircut bandwagon and we're not joking when we say she seriously inspired a bunch of her fans to do the same. Keep your cut looking fresh by going in for a trim every six to eight weeks. 

These trends and cuts have gone strong in 2020 and we're pretty sure we will be seeing a lot of then in the new year!