Fancy A Mandrake Root Facial? There's A Harry Potter-Themed Spa & It's All Things Magic

Fancy A Mandrake Root Facial? There's A Harry Potter-Themed Spa & It's All Things Magic

Almost a decade since the last Harry Potter movie and my heart is still fixated on the alluring charms of the Hogwarts. There is indeed something about J.K. Rowling's fantastical world that has forever etched itself in the hearts of an entire generation or, if I may say, many generations. And haven't we all, at some point or the other, fantasised about making it to the magical world of Harry Potter, walking through the school corridors in an invisibility cloak or perhaps teaming up with Potter for a match of Quidditch? 

So gear up potter heads, because here's the most soothing news that you'd read today: there happens to be a Harry Potter-themed spa in Tennessee, US and yes, it is as magical as it sounds. Aptly named Wand & Willow, the unique spa is the brainchild of massage therapist and aesthetician, Wendy Piedad.

While Piedad has been in the spa industry since 2006, it was her love for Harry Potter that made her think of combining her two favorite things. “This is my passion,” she wrote in a recent Insta post explaining the purpose of the spa to her followers. She further added, “My entire business philosophy is to create a unique experience with genuine guest connection, provide quality services and to help people see the magic within themselves.”

Every nook and corner of Piedad’s spa has been touched with a bit of magic and never fails to enchant its visitors. Thus, there are owl motifs, a spattering of Harry Potter imagery including the sorting hat, the Deathly Hallows symbol, and all things magic. The oils and ointments have also been interestingly labelled as poly juice potion, love potion, and mandrake roots. Oh, and you’ll also see tapestries inspired by the Gryffindor common hall. However, all of this has been incorporated in the most subtle way possible and the decor retains a classy touch, never making one feel like they have been thrust inside a Harry Potter-themed memorabilia shop.

Piedad delved upon the decorative elements in a recent interaction with a news channel and said, "It was very important for me to not have it be gimmicky or hit you in the face when you walk in like you're in a retail store. I wanted it to be soothing and something that would cater to both Harry Potter fans and non-Harry Potter fans alike."

Also, the theme is not the only USP of Piedad's spa. Her special mix of oils and balms never fails to impress and this is why her clients keep coming back to Wands & Willow. "Massage sessions at Wand & Willow are therapy for the body, mind, and spirit. We physically listen to your concerns about pain and stress and intuitively listen to what your body is telling us through touch. We continually educate ourselves on the best treatments and modalities to help heal the body and also focus our energy on healing the spirit," she writes. 

Well, this massage therapist basically offers a heady mix of Harry Potter and some soothing spa together. Now, that has to be therapeutic, right?

Featured Image: Instagram

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