No More Log Kya Kahenge: MP Introduces Women-Friendly Thekas & Other States Must Take Note

No More Log Kya Kahenge: MP Introduces Women-Friendly Thekas & Other States Must Take Note

Yeh ladki yahan kya kar rahi hai? Achcha nahi lagta ki ladki theke pe aaye. Aajkal ki ladkiyon ko kya ho gaya hai. YES- this and much more is what women get to hear when they are seen purchasing liquor. There's is just no end to the constant judging and saying it for the umpteenth time already-- we are done being hassled for regular activities, just because India is not ready to do away with its patriarchy. While there seems to be no permanent end to this, the Madhya Pradesh govt has taken a welcome step in the direction.

In a first for the state, two women-friendly stores are being opened in Bhopal and Indore to make alcohol purchasing a hassle-free experience for ladies. According to various reports doing the rounds, no additional duty would be claimed on these foreign liquor brands. "These shops would open markets for the sale of expensive liquor in the state," a government official told the media.

The report also suggests that Gwalior and Jabalpur too will have one women-friendly theka each. 


Not just that, these special outlets will also ensure that they have a full-fledged stock of all the high-end foreign liquor brands that are loved by women, including the ones we primarily prefer. The state is also putting a check on all the brands that haven't been registered by the state govt and hence will not be offered in these stores either. 

Wow, now that's called paving way for progression. And let's face it guys-- it is about time! So buy that alcohol without judgement, get some shot glasses and plan a house party already! And let's just hope that other states too follow in the footsteps. 

Featured Image: Twitter