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The 8 Most WTF Lines From Yo Yo Honey Singh's Songs!!

The 8 Most WTF Lines From Yo Yo Honey Singh's Songs!!
Yo Yo Honey Singh is famous for his raps and songs in Bollywood. We dance on his songs at every party… But his songs are famous for all wrong reasons! So do we love to hate his songs or do we hate to love his songs? Well, that’s for you to decide after you read these totally absurd lines from his blockbuster songs!

1. Tere doggy nu main nashe wala biscuit pata hai

Translation: I’ve drugged your dog so I can quietly enter your house now. Wait, WHAT? Like seriously Mr. Yo Yo? Are you kidding us? This line is not even funny. It is offensive to dogs. And to dog owners. And DOGS! 1  Lines by Honey Singh

2. Champagne ger di hai tune meri pant pe, kehti hai change karlo hotel leke rent pay

Translation: You’ve intentionally spilled Champagne on my pants and you want me to take YOU to a hotel room to change it. Seriously, girls who would do that probably only exist in your imagination. Like this is ridiculous to the power of ridiculosity (This doesn’t make sense, does it? Well.. that’s exactly how we feel after listening to Yo Yo’s songs).

3. Ruk toh ja tu hang on, ye toh bata tu hai kaun

Translation: Hold on a second, tell me who the f*** you are? No. Nope. Not happening. Why should I even talk to you?! Also, who puts these lines in a song anyway. >.<  3 Lines by Honey Singh

4. Tujh jaisi toh pat jati hai, phir durghatna ghat jati hai

Translation: I can woo a woman like you anytime I want and then if accidentally something happens… People like him have dubbed sex as “durghatna” which basically means accident…. Arrgghh! THIS is what is wrong with this world.

5. Mood tu banati hai phir thoda lalchati hai, par raat hote hi jaake tu apne ghar so jaati hai, ye bhi koi baat hui?

Translation: You tease me, you turn me on and then…then, you are gone. A bit sexually frustrated, are we?! Well, you don't need to be offensive about it. 5 Lines by Honey Singh

6. Maana tere pichhe laga CEO, usko pichhe lage rahne do, apna dhyan bas mujhpe rakho, aur usko sadne do

Translation: I agree the CEO is after you, but let him be. You pay attention to me and let him sulk. Guys, just so you all know, this song is called Daftar ki Girl and it is super-lame. Coming to the lines, these are some of the most useless lyrics we’ve ever come across. Girls DON'T decide a guy's worth just based on his professional position.

7. Ban mitran di wh**e, I mean mitran di ho

Translation: Be my wh**e, oh I mean be mine If this is not offensive to every woman out there then what is? You intentionally called a woman a wh**e but “by mistake”. I mean WTH?  
7 Lines by Honey Singh

8. Sooji-sooji aankhein meri yeh phir bhi dekho, ladkiyon ko kaise yeh nihaarein...

Translation: Hey! I absolutely have no better work to do than just ogling women after I am drunk. Stalker Alert! We don’t want to listen to what goes on in your head Mr. Yo Yo. Spare us please! GIFs: Tumblr MUST-READ: Dear Hindi TV Serials, WTF Is This Era Of Naagins & Chudails?! MUST-READ: Damsel, But NOT In Distress: Why I Love Being A Woman!