Bebo Is Looking Better Than EVER! Here Are The Tips She Used To Get That Flat Stomach

Bebo Is Looking Better Than EVER! Here Are The Tips She Used To Get That Flat Stomach

This is Kareena Kapoor Khan, talented actress and mother to one of the most adorable Bollywood babies, Taimur, looking like a million bucks in a pantsuit.

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The actress is busy promoting her next to-be-blockbuster Veere Di Wedding and we have to say that she looks better than ever! Shedding any and all post-baby weight and replacing it with a set of toned abs, she is constantly turning up looking fit and flawless.

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Knowing the kind of schedules these actors keep, it becomes necessary to be healthy in addition to looking great. Which means their journey to achieve a great shape is a careful mix of good diet and exercise that can't be replaced with any number of days you decide to skip lunch!

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With so many health fads going around these days, it can get overwhelming and difficult to find one that best suits your interests. But here's the catch, keeping fit is not that complicated. a combination of proper diet and keeping active is all you need to stay on top of your game. Kareena does it best by putting her trust with leading celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, whose simple philosophies about how to eat right and lose weight are easy to follow. 

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Author of three exhaustive books on fitness, Rujuta's publications Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, Women & the Weight Loss Tamasha and Don't Lose Out, WorkOut! have met with rave reviews from industry experts and readers alike. Let's take a quick read through of some of Rujuta's top tips about how you SHOULD be eating to shed those extra pounds. 

1. Proper Amounts Of Healthy Fats Is Good For You %281%29

Rujuta loves ghee, this delicious source of Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids are just too good to be ignored! According to the nutritionist, your diet needs to have small amounts of healthy fats in it, they are the ones that will safeguard your natural beauty. Foods like rice, bananas, mangoes give you the energy needed to get through a full day of work. 

2. Eat More But Smart

Its simple Math: switch your small quantities of high or medium-calorie foods with larger amounts of low-calorie foods in your diet. The best way to do this is going desi with roti, lightly cooked sabzi, homemade poha, idli, thepla and other Indian cuisine snack staples. 

3. Steer Clear Of Trans Fats %282%29

The highest amount of trans fat that might be slipping into your diet comes from fast food. Cut back on sugar and all processed foods, like sweet bakes and junk food, they can be particularly damning due to their low-quality ingredients. Sick to homemade snacks like fried makhana to kill your hunger pangs.

4. Mix & Match Your Physical Process

Running mindlessly every morning might be hella fun for your dog but it won't help you lose weight. A combination of cardio and resistance workout (weight and strength training) is most effective to get a healthy, strong and toned body. You won't just look great, you will feel great as well!

5. Get Super Into Yoga (For Real) %283%29

If you thought that yoga is just for zen-like people who can hold still for more than a couple minutes without losing their minds, think again! Yoga is quite peaceful and calming for the mind but it can also be a great form of exercise for weight loss. Styles like Hatha yoga and Bikram yoga can burn 400 and 600 calories during a 1-hour session, sounds totally enticing does it not, plus yoga arms!

6. Work Out A Calorie Deficit In Your Diet

This is a calorie deficit = Calorie burnt - Calorie consumed. When there is calorie deficit, your body is forced to use all the stored up fat to get the engines moving, supplementing this with an active lifestyle and regular workout is a great way to stay in shape. The average woman needs 2,000 calories on a daily basis, so bring out that notepad and keep a track of how many calories you are consuming. 

7. Hydrating Is Key %284%29

One of the basic rules of keeping fit is hydration and also the one thing that women tend to ignore a LOT! While you may think that those frappuccinos are hydrating enough, let us tell you differently. Rujuta stresses on people to drink between six and seven glasses of boiled water every day to stay hydrated.

While we have just scratched the surface of the process to get fit and healthy, it's much more detailed than that. Check out Rujuta's book right here to begin your journey of losing weight the right way. While you are at it, we leave you this radiant picture of Bebo for added inspiration:

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