Skull-Breaker Challenge: Another Year, Another Dangerous Viral Trend That's Claiming Lives

Skull-Breaker Challenge: Another Year, Another Dangerous Viral Trend That's Claiming Lives

Participating in online trends and challenges can be a fun way of making yourself a part of online community. And now with almost everyone (including teens and kids) having access to their own smartphones, making videos or filming yourself has become even easier. But the dangerous question is: how far are people willing to go to try a viral challenge just to fit in the community. How can we forget viral challenges like the Blue Whale challenge and Kiki challenge that claimed lives? A new dangerous trend called the Skull-breaker challenge has taken over the video-sharing social media app Tik Tok and is raising alarm bells.

Also called the Tripping jump challenge, it involves two people jumping in the air and later a third, standing between them, does the same. And as the third person jumps, the other two kick on the person's legs, making the one who is jumping fall. Therefore, the goal of the bizarre challenge is to make the one in the middle fall on their back. This is why it is called the "skull-breaker" challenge. 

Here's how people are trying the challenge:

The Skull-breaker challenge is capable of causing serious head injuries. Many people have been reported injured in the U.S and Europe and many others have lost consciousness after the fall. 

According to news reports, quite a few teenagers have fallen prey to this new trend and parents are getting increasingly worried. Not just that, many experts and doctors also claim that the fall can break every bone in your body. Take a look at some of the threads doing rounds all over the Internet.

Concerned internet users are issuing as many warnings as they can across social media platforms. 

People are taking the help of diagrams to explain how a 'fun' challenge can turn fatal.

Sensible few are also advising teens to not get lured by the idea of trying to act 'cool'.

Aren't these videos mad and dangerous? Please spread the word and generate awareness about the cons of this crazy challenge. 

Featured Image: Twitter