All The Fun Rituals Deepika & Ranveer Are Performing In Their Wedding Pictures!

All The Fun Rituals Deepika & Ranveer Are Performing In Their Wedding Pictures!

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh had a quiet and intimate wedding at Lake Como on the 14th and 15th of November, the first followed the rituals of a Konkani wedding, and the second was an Anand Karaj which is essentially a Sikh wedding. The couple decided to surprise us by posting an album of their wedding pictures on Instagram. Not only did they post pictures as a couple, but they also specifically posted candid shots of each other on their profiles.

What's got us intrigued are the rituals that DeepVeer are performing at both their weddings and so we decided to decipher them! 

1. Their First Breakfast 

deepika ranveer 03

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After the wedding ceremony, the couple has their first meal together as a married couple and this is truly making my mouth water!

2. Lord Of The Rings

deepika ranveer 022

This fun ring game seems to be a part of every wedding across India! Deepika and Ranveer are seen fighting for the rings, as it believed that the one who finds the ring first gets to take all the important decisions in their married life. 

3. Udita Mahurat

deepika ranveer

According to the Konkani traditions, the bride and groom grind black gram in an attempt to welcome the bride into the kitchen of the household. The groom is a part of the ceremony, thus ensuring that he'll take good care of his wife and help her with household responsibilities.

4. Tikka Post Varmala 

ranveer singh 05

deepika padukone 04

The two can be seen putting tikka for each other post their Varmala ceremony as a part of their Konkani wedding. 

5. Anand Karaj 

anand karaj ranveer deepika

anand karaj ranveer deepika 01

anand karaj ranveer deepika 02

The two had a Sikh ceremony, Anand Karaj in a make-shift Gurudwara at Lake Como! The ceremony is described as the blissful union of the couple and has four lavan pheras, unlike a Hindu wedding that has seven pheras. 

6. Mehendi Ceremony

deepika padukone 02

Like every quintessential Indian bride, Deepika Padukone too had a beautiful mehendi ceremony. And we are truly loving her laid-back attitude and the look! 

Image Source: Instagram, Instagram

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