8 *Sexy* New Eyeliner Styles You Absolutely Need To Try To Look Like A Bomb This Party Season!

8 *Sexy* New Eyeliner Styles You Absolutely Need To Try To Look Like A Bomb This Party Season!

Stuck in a makeup rut? The easiest way to add a finishing touch to any outfit or makeup look is eyeliner. Keep it simple and you're ready for the classics, try something different and you're bound to turn some heads. We've found you some really cool, trending eyeliner styles. And with the holiday season right around the corner, it's the perfect time to take them out for a spin!

1. Coloured Eyeliner

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Coloured eyeliner has been one of the hottest eye makeup trends we've seen this year on and off the runways. The easiest way to try coloured eyeliner is to use your lipstick as eyeliner, team POPxo has done it and we love it! Check it out here!

2. The Graphic Eye

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A graphic eyeliner is a fun take on a conventional liner. You can use any colour to create it and throw your rulebook right out the window. Your wings no longer need to match! A graphic eyeliner can be just about anything geometric, think triangles stars and arrows. Let your creativity run wind. Sonakshi Sinha's graphic eyeliner here is essentially the winged eyeliner that has been extended into the crease. You can use a fun coloured eyeshadow on the lid to make the look pop or leave it blank.

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This kind of graphic liner looks good even when you use different colours of eyeliner to create it. Use a metallic green or blue eyeliner pencil on a no makeup day to make your eyes really POP! Try the Maybelline New York Hyper Ink Glitz Eye Liner in Sapphire and Burgundy (Rs 319)

3. Grungy

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Messed up your eyeliner? Don't fret, just smudge it out and rock a messy but sexy look like Neha Dhupia. Smudge a metallic black eyeliner pencil on your upper and lower eyelids and add a champagne gold eyeshadow in the inner corners to make your eyes shimmer and shine! Try the NYKAA Glamoreyes Eyeliner Pencil - Voodoo Grey 04 (Rs 405) 

4. Glitter 



Malaika's glitter eyeliner just goes to prove that experimenting with her eye makeup could be just the glitter your entire look needs. A glitter liner is going to brighten up absolutely any outfit and it's the perfect eyeliner style for the upcoming holidays! Slip into your New Year's Eve finest and pop on a glitter eyeliner. You won't need much else to complete your look!

Try the Focallure Beam Eyeliner - # 3 Galaxy (Rs 549) or this Pink Glitter Eyeliner (Rs 299)

5. White eyeliner

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A white eyeliner smudged across your lower lash line is going to brighten up your eyes and mask that hangover. If you're partying all night and working all day, stash a nude or a white eyeliner pencil in your purse. It's going to make your tired racoon-eyes look a LOT better. White eyeliner paired with an elaborate eye makeup look is a great way to draw attention to that masterpiece you just painted over your eyelids! We haven't spotted a single other Bollywood actress who's eyeliner is as on point as Sonakshi's always is!

Try the Wet n Wild Color Icon Kohl Liner Pencil - Calling Your Buff! (Rs 135)

6. Arabic Smokey Eye

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Disha Patani's beautiful smokey eye requires all of ONE product and it's your kohl pencil. This modern-day fusion of Arabic and smokey eye's is definitely one of my favourites. It's the perfect smokey eye for a party and lord knows we're going to a few of those very soon! 

7. Negative Space Eyeliner



Negative space eyeliner is all about those empty spaces. Fill in those empty spaces using coloured eyeshadow, or just let them be empty. This less is more eyeliner look is going to get you a lot of love on Instagram and IRL, we promise! And we've got a tutorial for you too - check this out!

8. Eyeshadow-liner

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A jewel-toned eyeshadow in shades of blue and green is a statement eye makeup look in itself. Pair it with a plain outfit or a dressy gown and it's going to look just as good. A cream eyeshadow or a pencil eyeshadow smudged over your eyelids is the easiest eye makeup look you can put together even while you're driving to that party! 

Try the Note Eyeshadow Pencil - 07 Petrol (Rs 778) 

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