#WTF: From The Pineapple Challenge To The Cheese Challenge, 2019 Is All About *Vellapanti*

#WTF: From The Pineapple Challenge To The Cheese Challenge, 2019 Is All About *Vellapanti*

First, the Kiki challenge and recently, the #10YearChallenge - it looks like the Internet is quite bored these days and has nothing better to do than make up bizarre challenges that somehow go viral. Speaking of viral, seeing the pineapple thing everywhere on the 'gram made us wonder what else is the Internet up to. People are throwing cheese at their babies, throwing shoes in the air, eating flour and what not.

Here are five top challenges that have taken over the world wide web right now:

1. The Pineapple Challenge

Apparently, we have been mistreating pineapples all these years. To eat a pineapple, you had to first peel it and then cut it into slices. However, videos are now going viral of people pulling apart pineapple chunks from its tentacle-like outer cover and the whole Internet seems to have lost its shi*t! People are trying it for themselves calling it 'I tried the pineapple thing...' and sharing videos of the same.


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I was today years old when I found out that this is seriously a thing! People are going bananas over ananas (geddit?)!

2. The Cheese Challenge

Have you been seeing videos of people throwing cheese slices at their babies? Welcome to Parenting 2019. Yes, that is what the whole #CheeseChallenge is. It started earlier this month as a tweet where a user posted a video of himself throwing cheese at his little brother and it quickly gained traction with people accepting the challenge. Poor babies!

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Now adults too have started taking up the challenge. Did you see Kevin Jonas's Instagram story?

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In fact, people have started doing the cheese challenge on their pets now!


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The Internet is currently divided between those who think that this is a hilarious prank meant to incite laughter and those who think that it qualifies as abuse. What do you think?

3. The Vans Challenge

In this challenge, people are tossing their Vans shoes in the air and watching them land right-side up. The purpose of the #VansChallenge is to prove (or disprove) the theory given by Vans that their shoes always land facing up. March is getting so weird and yet, so sensational somehow.


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In my opinion, these videos have just convinced me not to buy the new Vans. It's simple science - the shoes are all landing up because their sole is so heavy and is pulling all the weight down. How I miss the old Vans!

4. The Twerk Challenge

Well, this one's fun! All you have to do is twerk. Twerking is a type of dance move involving thrusting hip movements in a low squatting stance, very sexy! And look who was recently challenged to do the twerk!


Tag that friend who needs to take the #TwerkChallenge!

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Varun Dhawan was challenged by his Street Dancers 3 co-actor Nora Fatehi to Bom Diggy Diggy and we can watch this one on repeat. So funny!

5. The Flour Challenge

This challenge has me suffocating and coughing through my phone screen. There are two types of #FlourChallenges happening right now - one, where you stuff your mouth with a spoonful of all-purpose flour (maida) and try to eat it, and two, where you wet your face with water and put it in a bowl of flour so it sticks. While the latter is still doable, the former is outright ridiculous.

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People are gagging their guts out and we can't believe the #FlourChallenge is still a thing. They are coughing it out through their mouth and nose.

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Not just flour, people are also using cinnamon for the challenge. Excuse me, could you tell me what's fun about that, please? We'll wait.

If you had to, which of these challenges would you take and dare a friend to do? Tell us in the comment section.

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