The Number One Mistake You Are Making While Buying Makeup Online

The Number One Mistake You Are Making While Buying Makeup Online

If you've ever browsed through the virtual aisles of an online portal, you know that the discounts and offers are hard to pass up. Are you guilty of more than a fair share of online makeup shopping hauls? Me too! Since we're being so honest, how many times have you ended up with a terrible product or the wrong shade? Chances are, more than once. While many brands are trying their best to give you hand swatches or more realistic images of what the product or the shade looks like, at the end of the day, you just can't be sure. And if you live in India, return policies on makeup are close to non-existent. What looks great on RGB may not always look the same on your skin. 

If there's anything being a beauty junkie, a make-up hoarder, and an absolute online shopping addict has taught would be to ask Google everything!

So what should you do before hitting checkout?

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Ask google for swatches, or if you're unsure about the product, ask Google for a review. Type in the exact product name you see on the website followed by the words 'swatch' or 'review'. This is the best way to make sure that you don't end up ordering the wrong shade by mistake. 

Aunty google will immediately lead you down a rabbit hole of images, videos, and reviews of the product you're about to splurge on. Spend 10 minutes searching for swatches on people who are closer to your skin tone. This is the EASIEST way to ensure that you will end up satisfied with your purchase. 

No more mistakes! You're welcome, ladies! 

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