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My Love Story Was Like A Typical 1942 Love Saga: Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Sreesanth Reveals!

My Love Story Was Like A Typical 1942 Love Saga: Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Sreesanth Reveals!

It is said that tough times are the truest test of relationships - be it with your friends, family or partner. And if there is any truth to this statement, then ex-Indian cricketer, politician, actor and contestant of Bigg Boss 12 Sreesanth is lucky to have found a wife as caring, loving and supportive as Bhuvaneshwari. And oh, did I mention that she is a jewellery designer and a real-life princess? No? Well, read on to find out more about Sreesanth and his wife's adorable arranged love story.




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Sreesanth met Bhuvaneshwari for the first time in Jaipur when he went there to play a match. Here is what he had to say about their first meeting and how he fell in love with her:

"It was love at first sight for me but she was a school girl for me. It was only after I realised her care and concern for me, I fell for her. Because we don't get love and care from all the people we stay around fortunately, I fell in love and eventually got married to her even after going through the tough situations. We were anyways going to get married in September 2013 but I was doubtful whether I should get married or not after the controversy that happened. But fortunately, her family came down to Kochi and told us that we are going ahead with the marriage. I think that is the toughest situation for any girl to accept the proposal and get married."

Bhuvaneshwari belongs to the Diwanpura royal family from Rajasthan. Sreesanth and Bhuvaneshwari, also called Nayan by her loved ones, were together for six long years before they finally decided to tie the knot. When Sreesanth was asked if it was a love marriage, he gave a very adorable answer:

"My mother decided that I should settle down in life and live life rather than dwell in the past. Mine was not a love marriage completely. It was a love which was arranged by both the families. We never proposed to each other. We never held hands and walked around. I remember holding her hands for the first time during our wedding. It was only when her father gave her hand in my hand during some ritual that we held hands. My love story was like a 1942 love story."

According to Sreesanth's relatives, Nayan remained his pillar of strength when he went through difficulties like the spot-fixing case followed by a month's confinement in Tihar jail. Sreesanth had this to say about his amazing life partner:

"My wife has always been a support system to my family and me. Even before the controversy she was always in touch with my family. When I was injured and I was out of cricket for 18 months, she was constantly in touch with me. She used to mail me songs, modulations and stuff. So I should say, it was a very nice gesture by her towards me and my family."




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Today We are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary..Gods grace ..thnks a lot for ur lovely wishes 😍🎼🤗🎼🎼🎼💖💝❤️

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Sreesanth got married to Bhuvaneshwari at the Sree Krishna temple in Kerala on 12 December 2013 in a quiet ceremony with only close family in attendance. The wedding was preceded by a filmy-style sangeet function and followed by a grand reception which was attended by a lot of biggies from the sports and business world.




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The inspirational couple are now proud parents of two adorable kids, a daughter named Sanvika and a boy named Suryasree. Together they make a very happy and adorable family.

Sreesanth's love story is proof that it is the tough times that show your relationship's true worth, and from what we know, Sreesanth and his wife are a match truly made in heaven!

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Published on Sep 19, 2018
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