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Kangana's Brutally Honest "Fight Back" Interview Is A MUST Watch

Kangana's Brutally Honest "Fight Back" Interview Is A MUST Watch

Kangana Ranaut is well known for her honesty and straightforward attitude and we love her for that. The three-time National Award winner was recently seen at the “India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit” where she knocked the ball out of the court. She spoke at length about fighting back, slut shaming, feminism and elitism in Bollywood - and we must say, everything she said was brutally honest! She is a modern woman, just like us, and deals with issues that most girls of our times face. Her mindblowing speech at the summit was really inspiring. Talking about elitism in Bollywood, she said, “Haan, toh kya ho gaya? Yahan pe inko mera accent fake lagta hai, yeh log jab khud bahar jaate hain toh unko inka accent fake lagta hai.”! She also said that if someone is bullying you, you should not talk to them in their language, but in a language that you are comfortable in. She went on to talk about how she faced physical violence when she was just 17, and how she dealt with it. She is a live example to show everyone that they should not bow down to bullies. The more someone tries to pull her down, the stronger she stands, and maybe that’s why she’s the “queen” of Bollywood! Also watch: Kangana Ranaut’s Brutally Honest Interview: This Is A MUST Watch Watch this Kangana Ranaut interview here, and don’t forget to share with all your girlfriends! More power to you, Kangana!
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Published on Sep 19, 2016
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