The Ladkewale Are Off To Deepika & Ranveer's Lake Como Wedding & They're So Damn Excited!

The Ladkewale Are Off To Deepika & Ranveer's Lake Como Wedding & They're So Damn Excited!

We're less than two days away from the biggest Bollywood shaadi of the year. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have already flown to Italy for their wedding, festivities of which will start from the day after tomorrow i.e 14 November 2018. The couple looked nothing short of perfect in their twinning white outfits at the airport as they were about to take off to Lake Como, Italy. Here, have a look:

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Look at them, holding hands and all! Awwww <3

Now, the baraatis have also flown to the venue for the wedding. Ranveer Singh's stylist and manager left for Italy today and they were so excited for DeepVeer ki shaadi that they couldn't help but post a lot of pictures of their journey. Turns out, there is another hashtag for the wedding that the ladkewale have come up with - #RanveerKiShaadi! 

1. Their feet may be tired...

ranveer deepika ladkewale 1

2. ...But their smiles are full of excitement!

ranveer deepika ladkewale 6

3. Pretty darn good looks, we must say!

ranveer deepika ladkewale 2

4. If Ranveer can play Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna at the airport, she can play the dumroo!

ranveer deepika ladkewale 3

5. Ye bandhan to pyaar ka bandhan hai!

ranveer deepika ladkewale 4

6. The ladkewale are killin' it!

ranveer deepika ladkewale 5

From what we've heard, Ranveer baba will be dancing on superhit songs of Govinda, Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor at the sangeet. I bet one of the songs will be My Name Is Lakhan! :P

With the bride and groom at the venue and the guests on their way, my excitement levels are at an all-time high. For all the updates on the #DeepVeer wedding, head here.

Featured Image: RanveerSinghFeed On Instagram

Internal Images: Nitasha Gaurav On Instagram

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