If You Loved ‘Pink’... This Short Film Is A MUST Watch! | POPxo
If You Loved ‘Pink’... This Short Film Is A MUST Watch!

If You Loved ‘Pink’... This Short Film Is A MUST Watch!

Last year, the movie Pink released and it was super relatable for most Indian girls. What we saw in the movie was reality, it happens in real life. Being girls, we get judged, the length of our clothes determines our character and our ‘no’ doesn’t really mean a no. This short film, The Easy Girl, by Cinemonkz is a must watch for every girl. We live in a society where we blame the victim for the consequences. If a girl drinks or smokes, we think she’s characterless. If a girl has too many guy friends, we assume that she must be sleeping around. And if a girl goes out with a guy and gets drunk, we believe that she is up for sex. But WHY? Why do we assume? She didn’t ask for it. What makes us think that she’s characterless if she does what she wants? She’s NOT! We just need to change our mindset and start respecting women. This short film talks about the issue and it’s an eye opener for people who discriminate between men and women. Here’s the video, go and check it out. And don’t forget to share it with everyone!

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Published on Jan 9, 2017
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