Lamberghini Kudi: 6 Super Easy Ways To Style Curly Hair Featuring Sanya Malhotra

Lamberghini Kudi: 6 Super Easy Ways To Style Curly Hair Featuring Sanya Malhotra

As a woman who has curly hair, I have to admit, styling it can be a pain in the you-know-what at times. Other than a topknot or leaving it open, the options are pretty limited. It's a good thing I have Sanya Malhotra to look up to. This lady is a firecracker! She's an excellent Lambergini dancer, fantastic heroine and a style icon. Apart from Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu, she's one of those rare gems in Bollywood who has naturally tight ringlets. While she occasionally leaves her hair open, she doesn't shy away from experimenting with new hairstyles. If you have curly hair and need some hair inspiration STAT, take a cue from Sanya Malhotra. 

1. The Famous Pineapple Bun

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Any girl who has curly hair should give this hairstyle a shot. It's a fun hairstyle and is super easy to achieve. All you've got to do is pull all your hair up, tie it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. If you want the hairstyle to last all day, I suggest that you use hairspray. 

2. An Elegant Updo 

sanya- malhotra-main-hairstyle

Didn't Sanya look like royalty at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival? She sure did! In fact, a classic updo works wonderfully well with curly hair. It gives an elegant vibe and does justice to just about any date night outfit. A few loose tendrils just adds to the soft, romantic vibe. 

3. That Curly Low Bun

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This hairstyle teamed with ethnic wear can make any girl look gorgeous. Since Sanya has naturally curly hair, she's just neatly pulled it all to the back and tied a low bun. To secure the bun and give the hairstyle a neat finish, bobby pins were used. 

4. Bangs So Wavy


You don't need to straighten your hair to pull off bangs. Curly bangs make the cut too! Initially, I would straighten my hair from the front and leave the rest of my curls as they are at the bottom. Sanya changes the game here. She's not just confident in her own skin, but about her ringlets too. You go, girl!

5. Short Is Sexy 

sanya malhotra short hair

I love this shot! I know many women who love their curls but are nervous about trying a boy cut. Clearly, Sanya M isn't one of them. Even though her hair is short, that doesn't stop her from flaunting her curls. 

6. Side Braids Are Her Thing

sanya- malhotra- braid-hair

Side braids and low buns are Sanya's go-to hairstyles for events and film promotions. Those who think braiding curly hair is an impossible task should learn from Sanya. She's a pro at pulling chic hairstyles like these off! 

Images Source: Instagram

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