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What Changes When You Go From Being His Girlfriend To His Wife?

What Changes When You Go From Being His Girlfriend To His Wife?

Getting married to the person you love is like the most beautiful dream coming true. When you’re with someone, you plan your future with them...and then one day you get married to them - can there be anything better than this?! Well, we don’t think so. But from being his girlfriend to being his wife, there are a lot of things that change. Like, you know, when you two are dating, you just want to see his face every morning when you open your eyes and when you get married you have what you wanted! Well, apart from this, there are other things that change too! People answered on Quora about what they think changes when a girlfriend becomes a wife, and here’s what they wrote…

1. Anusha Mohit Kamat says...

GF(talking on phone at 11 pm): I really miss you! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could live together?! We would talk all night.
Wife: Go to sleep baby, you have a meeting tomorrow morning! -------------------- GF: Aww! Thank you so much for the flowers. I love you so much. Wife: Aww! Thank you for helping me in washing the utensils. I was so tired today. -------------------- BF: Let’s order pizza for tonight?! Husband: Let me help you in preparing dinner tonight. differences between a girlfriend and a wife 1

2. Dewanshi Thakkar says...

Girlfriend: ‘Your parents’, ‘Your family’. Wife: ‘Our parents’, ‘Our family’. -------------------- Girlfriend: Let’s go out and eat. Wife: Eating junk food is not good for our health, let’s eat at home. -------------------- Girlfriend: Let’s spend! Wife: Let’s save! -------------------- Girlfriend: I love you! Wife: I love you! Also read: The Age-Old Question: “Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?”

3. Gaurav Soni says...

What happens when she’s your girlfriend vs when she’s your wife… Dating- Booking a room in a hotel or waiting for parents to go out so that you can do it!
Married- Doing it in the adjacent room to your mother's. --------------------- Dating- Break up, she leaves you with memories. Married- Divorce, she leaves with half of your money! :P -------------------- Dating- Your beard looks so sexy, oooph!! Married- Why don't you just shave that fucking jungle, my mother is going to visit us this weekend! -------------------- Dating- Takes her for drinks and a romantic dance. -------------------- Dating- My honey bunny, my world, my sweet chocolate, I will eat you (things she says to her boyfriend) Married- My honey bunny, my world, my sweet chocolate, I will eat you (things she says to her kid), while her husband is watching TV with one hand down in his pants and other hand holding a beer. -------------------- But well, some things never change- Dating- Holding shopping bags for her in the mall. (but with a sweet little twist)
Married- Holding Shopping bags for her in the mall in one hand and the baby in other hand. <3 differences between a girlfriend and a wife 3

4. Uthika Sinha says...

TWO HOURS AFTER A BIG FIGHT Girlfriend: "I don't think it is working anymore! I need a break. Please leave me alone for sometime." Wife: "Where the hell have you kept your dirty boxers! I have put clothes for washing. Don't complain if you have to reuse them later!!" GUY SPENDING TIME ON FACEBOOK Girlfriend: "Why do you spend so much time on facebook? Are you stalking someone? Are you trying to cheat on me?" Wife: "Stop this shit right now! And quickly get tomatoes from the supermarket, if you don't want me to drop the idea of cooking your favorite mutton curry for dinner" SPENDING TIME TOGETHER Girlfriend: "You're looking great. This stubble look suits you." Wife: "Do you see hair growing out of your ears? Let me just grab my scissors. I'll trim it." I feel there is a big difference between a girlfriend and a wife. Marriage is the ultimate symbol of commitment and a relationship that constantly blooms and evolves with the couple. It's not about a tag!
differences between a girlfriend and a wife 4 Also read: Arranged Marriages In India: When Do Newly Wed Couples Have Sex? You can read the full thread here on Quora. GIFs: Tumblr
Published on Jul 13, 2016
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