Father - Daughter Moments From The Wedding Day That'll Make You Hug Papa Right Away!

Father - Daughter Moments From The Wedding Day That'll Make You Hug Papa Right Away!

I'll always be my daddy's li'l princess! The relationship between a father and daughter is one that is hard to describe in words and a bond that stands above all. And on the day when a father accompanies his daughter down the aisle, those misty eyes filled with pride give away a priceless emotion that is incredibly special. Your wedding day is the most special day for your father and the special moments that you share with him on that day remain etched in your heart forever. This Father's Day, we bring you some of the most adorable and emotional father and daughter moments. Keep those tissues handy while you scroll down.

1. We love the pride on this father's face as he accompanies his daughter down the aisle. And of course, that expression that says, 'I'm giving you a piece of my heart. You better take care of my daughter and keep her happy.'

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Image source: Tuhina Chopra

2. Thumbs up to this dad for being all smiles on his daughters special day. Nothing like walking hand-in-hand with your main man as he gives you away. 


Image source: Tuhina Chopra

3. A picture that says, 'Nothing will ever change. I'll still be your little girl and you'll still be my favourite man. I love you, dad'

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Image source: Dhanika Choksi

4. If your heart hasn't melted enough, look at this lovely moment between a father and his little girl on the morning of her wedding. So adorable!

Father Daughter 1-6

Image source: We Don't Say Cheese

5. From when you were little to now, your father has always stood by you. Be it helping you with the school project or fixing your hair while you get your mehendi done. Such a sweet candid moment between a father and his bride-to-be daughter.  

6. When daddy's in the house, friends take a back seat. Ditch the phoolon ki chaadar or a dramatic entry and let your dad lead you to the mandap. It'll make for a moment and a picture that you'll treasure forever.

7. The only time I saw my dad cry was during my bidaai. It's so heartwarming to see this father fight back the tears as his beti steps into her new life. 

8. Like father, like daughter. A spitting image of her dad, we love their broad smiles and all the love that we see in this image. Do take out time for a few good pics with dad before you enter the venue and get busy with all the guests. 

9. A million emotions etched in a single frame. Can you see the joy on this father's face as he sees his daughter all dressed up for her big day?

Cupcake Productions

Image source: Cupcake Productions

10. Abhi toh mai jawaan hoon! Such cuties, these two!

Father Daughter 1-2

Image source: We Don't Say Cheese

11. This dad couldn’t be happier, 'To me, you will always be my little princess.'


Image source: Rajesh Digital

12. Let's wrap up with an adorable father-daughter dance! 'Coz admit it, he was the first one who taught you how to bust some cool moves. 


Image source: Shutterdown Photography

Behind every great daughter, is a truly amazing father. Don't forget to shower your dad with lots of love and hugs this Father's Day!