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Forget Royal Enfields & Segways, This Is The Coolest Bride & Groom Entry You'll Ever See!

Forget Royal Enfields & Segways, This Is The Coolest Bride & Groom Entry You'll Ever See!

Indian weddings are all about fun, glamour and grandeur. And when we say grandeur, we mean everything larger-than-life. Right from the extravagant venues to decor, from food to outfits everything at a desi shaadi is just out of the world. But nowadays, things do not stop at basics, people go an extra step to make their wedding unique and different in some way or the other. This is where the bride and groom's entry comes into the picture.

You will see brides entering on Royal Enfields, grooms entering on Segways and what not! But out of all the crazy and cool bridal entries we have come across (and we've come across many, trust us!), this one definitely took the cake. The bride and groom entered their wedding venue, and their new life together, dancing to the beats of dhol and a peppy Bollywood song. Check out the videos:

How. Frikkin' Awesome. Is. This. Well, this is not the end of it... There is a part 2:

Not only are the groom and bride's steps perfectly coordinated, but the happiness on their faces also shows that they are thoroughly enjoying it. We are glad we are past the time when grooms entered with a full procession, and the bride entered the mandap smiling coyly and being too shy to even look up. It's your day and you have all the right in the world to enjoy it!

Well, didn't we tell you this is the coolest bride and groom entry you will ever see?!

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