We Found Out How Swedish DJ Avicii Died And It's Heartbreaking!

We Found Out How Swedish DJ Avicii Died And It's Heartbreaking!

The fans of Swedish DJ Avicii were heartbroken when they found out that the popular artist has died at the age of 28 on April 20. He was holidaying in Muscat, Oman with his friends, but the cause of death was not revealed.

Reports now claim that Tim ‘Avicii’ Bergling committed suicide just hours before his brother—concerned about his state of mind—could bring him back home. He died of massive blood loss from a self-inflicted wound from a broken wine glass.

The DJ had been open about his battles with excessive drinking and he had retired from touring two years citing medical reasons. The EDM star even admitted in the Netflix documentary Avicii: True Stories that continuing his work may kill him.

Avicii’s family knew about his mental state and they were worried about the DJ after a phone conversation they had with him when he was in Oman.

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In the days that followed his death, his family wrote in an open letter that the sensitive musician couldn’t go on any longer. Read the full text:

“Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul who always carried great existential questions. An overperforming perfectionist who travelled and worked hard at a tempo which led to extremely difficult stress.

When he stopped touring, he wanted to find a balance in life to feel good and be able to do what he loved the most - music.

He truly battled thoughts about the Meaning, Life, Happiness.

Now, he could not go on any more. He wanted peace.

Tim was not made for the machinery he ended up in, he was a sensitive guy who loved his fans, but shunned the spotlight.

Tim, you will forever be loved and missed. Who you were and your music will carry on the memory of you.

We love you, the family.”

Many musicians and his contemporaries too expressed their grief on social media

Recently, his secret girlfriend Tereza Kačerová penned down an emotional letter, talking about her relationship with the music producer and the bond he shared with her son.


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We send our love to Avicii's loved ones.