Meet The Bride Who Sold Her Wedding, Had Her Own Baraat & Rented All Her Outfits!

Meet The Bride Who Sold Her Wedding, Had Her Own Baraat & Rented All Her Outfits!

Bold & badass with a unique wedding concept! In conversation with the bride who made headlines with her ‘sponsored’ wedding.  

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‘Hansika’s Baraat, iss baar dulhan bhi band-baaje ke saath aayegi,’ read a banner on the autorickshaw that drove Hansika to her wedding venue. “I firmly believe that women are at par with men, so, why should the bride be stereotypically sitting in a doli, all coy, while the boy arrives in style?” she asked. A band of 6 women played the dhol as Hansika and her family danced their way to the wedding venue. Dressed in a pink Malvika Talwar lehenga with LED sneakers, Hansika was actually hoping to cross paths with the groom's baraat so they could have a baraat-off!   

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Founder of HC Media, a premier celebrity management company, Hansika Chandiramani and her husband and co-founder, Gaurav Kumar work closely with the film and entertainment industry. Armed with her contacts and a creative mind, the bride also came up with the idea of selling her wedding! “It started off as a joke. Let’s be real, it’s really expensive to get married in Mumbai. So I thought why not get sponsors to organize it for me,” she shared. The duo approached various brands with the concept of wedding branding and managed to bring brands like The Photo Diary, Flyrobe, Ravish Kapoor Invitations, DesmondJi, Deliciae Cakes and more on board. “My entire thought process consisted of doing something innovative and digitally big. For so many years we’ve been doing in-film branding but nobody has thought of taking that and doing in-wedding film branding,” explained Hansika. The couple’s wedding video beautifully captured each brand that was a part of the wedding, which was later shared by various media houses to make sure it went viral. Thanks to the unique concept and the bride’s baraat, it managed to create quite a stir. 

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In the bride’s own words, “Don’t go all out with the expenses – don’t do that, be smart and use that money elsewhere, like we did – we bought a house. I’ve seen people give up on their honeymoons to have that picture-perfect wedding, but at the end of the day, experiences matter over materialistic pleasures.” 

The #BadassBride also rented all her bridal outfits from “It’s not like I couldn’t afford it but why to spend lakhs on a designer outfit that you’re only going to wear once,” shared Hansika.

Loved the concept? Watch the video to see just how crazy and unique this wedding was! 

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