#HairGoals: These Are The Top Hair Trends Of 2018 According To Pinterest!

#HairGoals: These Are The Top Hair Trends Of 2018 According To Pinterest!

Last year was all about Kim Kardashian's platinum blonde and long extensions. Wondering what the latest hair trends are? 2018 has been a year of change hair has seen a major upswing in terms of colours, cuts and styles. As per Pinterest's global beauty report, these are the BEST hairstyles and haircuts that have been trending all over the world. Check em' out!

1. Braids

Ahh, braids! Don't you love a good braid? It's the perfect festival hairstyle for hair of any length! It instantly makes you look ever so chic and it's the perfect hairstyle to check out when you need to look put together! The search for braided hairstyles was up 445% just in the U.S as per Pinterest's data! Be it Dutch, French or a simple three strand plait, a braid is a saviour on a bad hair day.

2. The Pixie

I gotta admit, I've sported a pixie cut for most of my childhood. It was the easiest, most fuss-free hairstyle I've ever had. Bed-head hair honestly never looked better. The pixie cut done right can thin down thick hair and add volume to thin hair. No wonder searches for pixie cuts were up 266% in Germany! 

3. Messy Buns


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There's been a bun-rising in France. 137% of France's hairstyle searches have been for a messy bun hairstyle. Looks like I can finally walk around telling people my messy bun has been inspired by the French. It's a great hairstyle for someone who's always on the go and just needs to get their hair out of their face.

4. Bangs


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Loved by most women in the world, bangs are adored by us Asian women. They frame a round face perfectly and make you look younger. But be a little careful about the length of the bangs. Always get them cut at a salon though. I've given myself some really questionable DIY bangs that lead to me wearing a hairband for 3 months until they grew out! Searches for bangs in Argentina were up by 150%

5. Waves

Easy, breezy loose waves that are now being called 'waves on the water' have been trending in Spain. These luxurious looking curls are a great way to doll up for an event or dress down for a day at the beach. So versatile yet so feminine. If you have naturally curly hair, add some curl cream to your length and give it a boost! 

6. The Bob

Not on Pinterest's global beauty report, but on our radar for hottest celebrity-inspired hairstyle this year! Everybody's been chopping their hair off and getting a bob or a lob. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Kylie, Radhika Apte and Yami Gautam have been seen rocking the trend.

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