The Oscars 2019: Hollywood Just Brought *THESE* Iconic Makeup Trends Back To Life!

The Oscars 2019: Hollywood Just Brought *THESE* Iconic Makeup Trends Back To Life!

 The 91st Annual Academy Awards, or as we fondly like to call it the Oscars 2019 just wrapped up last night (or early this morning for us). The Academy Awards is one of Hollywood's biggest celebrations so you're bound to see your favourite celebrities glittering from head to toe in the finest couture. This year, the Oscars brought back a whole host of beauty trends from the past and we're absolutely not complaining. Sassy, classy and chic was the theme of the night

Here's a sneak peek at the lovely ladies and their hair and makeup looks that stole our hearts!

1. Lady Gaga's Pale Blue Lids


Remember the eyeshadow trends back in the day that used to make us cringe? Pale pastel eyeshadows and icy shimmer hues? Well, the Oscars 2019 saw its fair share of pale blue lids and you know what's the difference? We're actually loving it this time. If you look closely, the eyeshadow is focused along the lashline, almost being used as eyeliner. The rest of the lid has the same blue eyeshadow, diffused to give a soft blurred look. Absolutely diggin' the look. BRB, ordering a pale blue eyeshadow and trying to figure out that updo! 

2. Always Livin' On The Edge


Miley Cyrus is definitely not one to shy away from well, let's be honest, ANYTHING! This year at the Academy Awards, we spotted a lot of celebrities wingin' it. Our most favourite is definitely Miley's sharp and edgy winged liner. Recreate this look by using a felt tip eyeliner to draw on that precise wing and use a dark brown eyeshadow in the crease of your eye to intensify the look! Toss in those messy, beachy waves and you're all ready to be a bad, bad girl.

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3. Let's Play Matchy-Matchy


Emma Stone matched basically everything to her gown and you'll be amazed how great this all-matchy makeup looks. The key here is to stay away from anything that's too bold. Use matchy colours, in subtle moderation, just remember to keep your lipstick down to a light stain and you're all set to slay. Emma's use of reddish brown hues is something that will flatter all skin tones.

If you're more of a pink person, Gemma Chan paired her bright pink gown with an all pink makeup look. Notice the similarities? While the eyes are bold, the lips are next to bare!  



4. Let's Bare It All


Irina Shayk might not be a huge celebrity just yet, she's the face of Marc Jabobs Beauty in Russia and if you're wondering what went into creating this bare and beautiful look, Marc Jacob's Instagram has a detailed breakdown. Here's everything you need from their fabulous makeup range:

-Shameless foundation⁣
-Accomplice Concealer & Touch Up Stick ⠀⁣
-Accomplice Blurring Beauty Powder in Ingenue⠀⁣
-O!Mega Shadow in Prim-O! and Daddi-O!⁣
-VelvetPrimer under VelvetNoir Mascara⁣

Did you notice the lack of highlighter? I know I sure did! This definitely seems like the perfect makeup look to pair on a hot sunny day. 

5. Princess In Pink?


Kasey Musgraves showed up wearing perhaps the girliest pink outfit we've ever seen. While we might go ahead and give the ruffled princess gown a skip, her makeup was quite breathtaking. She paired the pink gown with glossy lips and a bold winged eye. To bring back that feminine appeal, she added a bright pop of shimmer on her eyelids and in the inner corner of her eyes. 


I do really like the hair, seems like the perfect red-carpet hairstyle for unwashed hair, doesn't it? 

6. A Pop Of Colour 


Sometimes a pop of colour is all it takes, and Emilia Clarke does it best! If you're not one of those people who enjoys putting on a lot of makeup, try this subtle matte black eyeliner paired with a bright lipstick. Mix the lipstick with a drop of moisturiser and apply it to your cheeks and you'll be ready to walk the red carpet looking low-key fabulous. 

7. The Classics


Red and gold is an iconic makeup look that definitely never fails you. It's going to look good paired with absolutely any outfit and nobody does it better than Charlize Theron. If you're afraid to try a bright red lipstick, try one that has a hint of orange. It will light up your olive skin tone. A mix of gold and bronze eyeshadow on the lid will complement absolutely any lip colour. Oh and aren't you loving Charlize's new brunette hair colour?

If you don't believe in the power of a good iconic red lip, let Taylor Swift convince you otherwise!  


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8. When It Doubt, Smoke It Out! 


Nothing like setting the stage on fire like jLo with a sultry smokey eye. Much like the red lip and gold lids, a smokey eye is a timeless makeup look that's going to make everything look better. Go ahead, take it out for a spin. 

Summing it up for you real quick - Pale blue eyeshadow, winged liner and red lips are hot again! 

Images: Instagram