The Detailed Confession Of The Woman Who Murdered Her Date Will Give You Nightmares!

The Detailed Confession Of The Woman Who Murdered Her Date Will Give You Nightmares!

Priya Seth, a 27-year-old woman, has been in the news for kidnapping and murdering Dushyant Sharma whom she met on a popular dating app.

She, along with her friends Dikshant Kamra and Lakshya Walia, murdered Dushyant, stuffed his body in a suitcase and threw it along the Delhi-Jaipur highway on May 2, 2018.

On May 4, Dushyant's body was found in the suitcase at the Delhi-Jaipur highway.

A video of her confessing her sins surfaced online and it will disturb you beyond imagination and possibly give you nightmares. She's so relaxed and casual as she talks about how she tricked him and murdered him. Here's what happened.

1. She abused Dushyant's father and asked him to deposit 10 lacs as ransom to save his son's life.

It was a masterplan.

2. She was living with Dikshant, who had a debt of 21 lacs. In order to pay it off, they decided to kidnap someone and ask for a ransom and then murder him/her.

Is that the definition of easy money nowadays?

3. Priya had planned the murder well in advance.

How comforting!

4. They killed Dushyant before his father transferred the money.

I am almost crying right now.

5. Dikshant strangled him at first and Lakshya tried to suffocate him with a pillow but when he survived, Lakshya slit his throat with a knife.

Do they have any remorse at all?

6. She had bought that knife to cut her own nerve.

And it came handy to kill Dushyant?

7. She says she didn't stab him, Lakshya did. But both of her friends accuse her of making and executing the plan.

Who do you think is the real culprit?

Watch the video to know more.


Priya has been accused of blackmailing and threatening about 1,000 men in the past eight years. She has been paying visits to the jail more often than someone pays a visit to the doctor at a hospital.

And she's so relaxed about what she did. How can someone live with this? Karma better bite her!

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