Kangana Ranaut Brings Back The ‘Golden Era of Jayalalithaa’ In Thalaivi's New Song

Kangana Ranaut Brings Back The ‘Golden Era of Jayalalithaa’ In Thalaivi's New Song

You might be a Kangana Ranaut fan or not, but you've got to agree that she absolutely kills it with her acting skills and can pull off just about any role. Case in point--Kangana's upcoming film Thalaivi which is on an internet-breaking spree right now. 

It all started with the film's trailer last month that left the audience gasping in admiration. With her imposing screen presence and flawless transformation, Kangana instantly brought back former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha to life for so many of her followers. Just a teaser and we knew big things are in order. Well, now the makers have released the first song from the film and we are mighty impressed. 

Titled "Chali Chali," the song transports you back to the ‘golden era of Jayalalithaa’ while recollecting her acting days. In the song, Kangana can be seen recreating her iconic looks as she evokes Jayalalitha's vivacious personality and infectious charm. 

"The time capsule to #Thalaivi’s superstar era has arrived. Get ready to be mesmerized by her aura," Kangana wrote while sharing the song on social media. Here, watch the video:

Notice how the music has been kept simple with the focus on singer Saindhavi Prakash's voice? Well, the simplicity surely reminds us of old Hindi songs and Kangana does the rest of the work with her old-Bollywood charm. Needless to say, we cannot wait for the film to release and watch her in full action. Feels like she is going to totally nail it with this one!

Featured Image: YouTube