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That’s Deepika Padukone & Sonam Kapoor For You, 10 Years Down The Line

That’s Deepika Padukone & Sonam Kapoor For You, 10 Years Down The Line

Yesterday, 9th November, 2017, two of Bollywood’s current reigning ladies - Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor - completed 10 years in in the industry. Yes, it’s been 10 years; we’re old. And in these 10 years, both our champion women have come a long and rather controversial way. They’ve both fought their own battles - internal and external. And today, they stand for two independent women, self-made, with strong identities of their own. Yes, they were initially at loggerheads - what with the release of their debut films, their Ranbir Kapoor connection followed by that little vengeful episode of Koffee With Karan which might as well have not existed. But, over time, these two have really risen above the filth and even given rise to women friendships in the industry that have nothing to do with the paparazzi. This just goes to show that there is enough success and recognition in this world for all women without having to pit them against each other and compete with each other.

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Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see how far these two have come and how they’ve carved a niche for themselves in an industry that’s almost always hyped and hypocritical.

1. Debut Movies

For their debut, both of them faced a lot of doubt and speculation from the media. Sonam was debuting with her then rumoured beau Ranbir and a lot was said about her weight loss. For Deepika, there was a lot of talk about the fact that she was a model and the whole ‘can she, or can she not act’ judgement that people were waiting to pass.

2. The Iconic Koffee With Karan Episode

In 2011, Sonam and Deepika both appeared on Karan’s infamous couch together and they created quite the controversy; thanks to their not-so-subtle digs at Ranbir Kapoor. The two of them, together, did piss off a whole lot of Bollywood biggies!

2 deepika padukone and sonam kapoor

3. Serious Mettle

For the longest time ever, both of them were not taken seriously as actors and, instead, were just regarded as pretty faces. In movies like Thank You and Housefull both of them had substandard roles! But, both of them proved their mettle as actors in Raanjhana and Cocktail respectively. These movies were Sonam’s and Deepika’s coming-of-age films, respectively. After that, there has been no stopping them!

4. Causes Close To Heart

They both are very outspoken for causes close to their hearts. While DPad was one of the first celebrities to come out and talk about her mental health issues, Sonam has openly and proudly identified herself as a feminist and has constantly stressed on the power of female friendships.

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5. Speaking Their Minds

They always, always speak their minds like the strong women they are. Both of the are unapologetic about the views they hold about their peers and anybody else who dares to cross them. Sonam’s Twitter war with Shobha De and Deepika calling out Times Of India for her cleavage image are excellent examples of the same!

6. Making Us Proud Globally

Both of the women have made India extremely proud when it comes to representing us in front of the world. Sonam, with her a style quotient few can match and Deepika with her acting prowess in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage! Both of them have totally conquered Cannes as well with their stunning sense of style.

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7. Fashion Labels

Both of them also have their own fashion labels. Deepika has All About You while Sonam, with her sister Rhea, has Rheson. Both of them started their lines to make fashion more accessible and every day for people like us!

10 years later today, they both have two multi-starrer, much-awaited movies lined up, Padmavati for Deepika and Veere Di Wedding for Sonam, and we cannot wait to see these super stylish and extremely talented women on screen! You go, girls!

So, tell me again why it is impossible for women to stand out and create an identity of their own if there is competition. And while you’re at it, also care to explain why so many women, who are both excellent at their jobs, are pitted against each other and are supposed to bring each other down when two men are never considered each other’s competition. Sigh!

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