Move Aside Manjulika, The Trailer For Bhaagamathie Is Out And It's Scary As Heck!

Move Aside Manjulika, The Trailer For Bhaagamathie Is Out And It's Scary As Heck!

The year 2018 certainly looks like the year for all of our favourite horror movies, and this time, it's a Telugu movie that's bringing it's A-game in the genre, which also happens to star one of our favourite South Indian actresses of recent times: Anushka Shetty. After having proved her acting prowess in movies in the South, Anushka was discovered in the mainstream media spotlight with her performance in the Baahubali' movies - one of the biggest blockbusters to have been produced, watched, and raved about on the internet all over the world!

While Baahubali may have shown the royal and absolutely regal side of the lovely Devsena, Anushka's latest performance will probably have goosebumps crawling up your skin, because she's back with a bang in the new Telugu movie Bhaagamathie, and damn, it is dark. 

The trailer begins sweetly enough, with a love story in the making, where Anushka plays the role of an IAS officer who falls in love with the village leader, played by actor Unni Mukundan. It all seems sunny and bright until we see Anushka behind bars, and she is then seen spending time alone in an abandoned mansion that "scares even the ghosts".

With cobwebbed and ornate doors, creepy shadows in the mirrors, and eerie rooms all thrown into the mix, Anushka comes face-to-face with a paranormal entity that is definitely not willing to share bunk beds with her in its abode. Dragging her body across the mansion, forcing her to nail her own hands to the wall, and several horrifying acts later, we see the entity's final form - as it possesses Anushka's body, turning her into the frightening Bhaagamathie, giving us a frightening flashback to Vidya Balan's character Manjulika from the movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa. 

Take a sneak peek at the trailer...if you dare.

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