COVID-19: Telangana Woman Braves 1400 Km Scooty Ride Alone To Bring Home Stranded Son

COVID-19: Telangana Woman Braves 1400 Km Scooty Ride Alone To Bring Home Stranded Son

The lockdown has been extremely difficult for many people in the country. Our social media feeds and news channels have been filled with upsetting pictures of migrant labourers and their exodus from the cities since they no longer have a source of income. Parents with children staying in far off places have also been worried because at this point we aren't sure how long this is going to last or how much worse is it going to get.

In the midst of all this hardship, a story of a 48-year-old Telangana woman has come to light and it's making me miss my own mother a bit more than usual. 

On Monday morning, Razia Begum took out her two-wheeler and set out on an incredibly difficult journey armed with permission from the police. The lockdown didn't seem scary to her because she was set on her goal. She just wanted to bring her son back home, safe and sound.

She had packed rotis along with her to eat at regular intervals and made stops at fuel stations to drink water and refill her tank. 

"It was a difficult journey on a small two-wheeler for a woman. But the determination to bring my son back overtook all my fears. I packed rotis and they kept me going. It was fearsome in the nights with no traffic movement and no people on roads," said Razia.

The brave woman is a headmistress at a government school in Nizamabad, about 200 kms from Hyderabad. She lost her husband 15 years ago. Razia lives with her two sons, an engineering graduate, and 19-year old Nizamuddin, who aspires to become a doctor. 

Nizamuddin had gone to Rahamatabad in Nellore on March 12 to drop his friend and stayed back there. Meanwhile, the lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister due to the coronavirus pandemic and he could not return. Razia Begum was anguished to hear from her son, who was desperate to return home and decided to fetch him herself. The woman did not send her elder son since she feared police might mistake him for a joyrider and detain him.

A mother's love never fails to amaze us. We're cheering all mothers who brave the harshest conditions for their kids, you guys are the real troupers. Just remember guys, we're going to heal, we're going to get through this together.

Featured Image: Twitter

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