XOXO21: The 20 Whirlwind Work-Life Changes Team POPxo Went Through In 2020

XOXO21: The 20 Whirlwind Work-Life Changes Team POPxo Went Through In 2020

The whirlwind of a year that was 2020, it had a lot in store for everyone including us. As Team POPxo moved to a WFH routine in March, things changed to drastic measures. Virtual meets, going without seeing friends, waist-up dressing, no commute (!) but no going out with the team either. All in all, a rollercoaster ride. Complete with inputs from the editorial team itself, we charted down the new things that have happened since March—good, bad and in-between. Take a look at how 2020 affected our life at work. 

No Commute? No Problem!

Look, we don’t really mind this part. Not having to travel for two hours or more to the office (and back!) in the Metro, by cabs or even driving? Bring it on, seriously!

Meeting Colleagues (For Real!)

But it comes with not seeing the people we work with and that’s a real bummer. Of course, we catch up on a virtual meet every now and then but damn, it's really not the same. Scroll to see what Team POPxo itself has to say on (not) going to work.

Dressing Up

This might sound vain but what I miss the most about my work life right now is dressing up every day and making it to the office. It seriously used to be an integral part of my daily routine and now none of it exists given that all of us are working from home. The journey from the pencil trousers to the PJs has been a rather tolling one. And as much as I love working from home (don’t @ me), when it comes to the PJ life, I am not that big a fan even after all this time. I mean to sum up this for you: work from home? Yes! PJ life? A hard pass!
                                                                             —Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer

And Makeup (Obviously,Duh)

I actually miss waking up and putting on makeup because oh boy, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve gotten all glammed up for the office. I also (kind of) miss waking up early but I definitely do not miss the two-hour-long commute. I also miss all my colleagues and definitely the “OMG, Aayushi, where did you get that lipstick from?” kinda compliments because nowadays, I take it as an achievement if I don’t look completely lost on a particular morning.
                                                                                —Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer


LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick- Dogging

INR 395 AT MyGlamm

That Coffee Hang

If you are a coffee addict (like the rest of us) you will know but get this— it’s without a doubt the ideal way for us to begin our day. Get that morning coffee and own the day!


There’s no shying away from the parties! Whether they happen at the POPxo offices (in Gurgaon and Mumbai) or some chosen location, we really like to go all out. Considering we have all been working from the safety of our homes since March, that’s (obviously) been put on a back foot.


And well, there’s ALWAYS cake! ALWAYS.

Exchanging Latest Tidbits

Our everyday work involves a lot of things that are happening around us, so exchanging the latest pieces of news or trends is something that happens organically. It’s still happening, albeit virtually. 

Events & New Ventures

Oh, and in a normal setting, our work isn’t just limited to the desk. An array of beauty and fashion events across cities get covered by our team, to bring you the latest, ‘IT’ things that are in vogue. Continue reading to see how the newest member of our editorial team is making it work. 

A New Role Amid The Pandemic

Well, let me tell you all that I have just joined the team so things are a little different for me. This is the first time I’m working from home while I’m with my family. Of course, that comes with its own pros and cons. I’m super happy that I get delicious homemade meals (and I don’t have to work for it), and I get really tired explaining to my family that sometimes, working late is a necessity… you know how caring parents can get, right?
I have never met any of my colleagues so it is a very different experience of working with them so closely yet so remotely. At times I simply imagine their expressions while they are messaging me on Slack and I end up with hundred different possibilities (perks of being an over-thinker). Overall, I think this is a one-of-a-kind experience that I’m definitely going to remember (even miss) when we return to our ‘new normal’. Till then, I can’t wait to meet my office folks in a safe face-to-face environment!
                                                                                        -Kanupriya, Content Writer

Team Lunches & Dinners

All work and no play? Not at POPxo! Going out for a break means some good food and what could be better than a team meal to have some fun! 

New Restaurants To Order From

And of course, when not stepping out, there is usually a new place which gets a bulk order from the team. Thanks for nothing, COVID-19.

Working Together

Not having seen each other for more than 10 months now (what is time), one of the major changes about our daily routines is working ‘together’ and yet, not in the truest sense of the word. 

Wholesome Brainstorming Sessions 

All of which, as you will have guessed, have moved to virtual discussions which we seemed to have become experts at (!) but get this—there’s nothing like getting into the creative process together and on the same wavelength. Scroll to see what that means, in the words of a Team POPxo member. 

All That (Virtual) Communication

For me, the biggest change was learning to communicate with my teammates over Slack, Google Meet and Zoom. I think we can all agree that face-to-face interactions are more effective because a lot can get lost in translation over text and phone. But ultimately it amazes me and we have still found a way to keep the work running smoothly despite not being in the same room as each other since March! We all should definitely take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for making this possible in the middle of a global pandemic.
                                                                                     -Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor      

New Things, Every Day!

No two days are the same at work, which is why it’s so exciting and there’s no better way to realise that than when we are in the middle of it. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to value that team spirit and the people who come together to make something happen. 

Taking Breaks Together

BRB, crying a little. 

Trying Out New Products

Makeup, skincare and all there is— we review it all before bringing the best to you. Fair to say it’s missed! 

Exchanging Notes On Style 

We are real suckers for all things fashion and more. Be it new brands, trendspotting or upcoming names breaking onto the fashion scene, it’s not the same unless shared with a colleague who is sitting right next to you. How are we coping in the WFH days, though? Here’s a lowdown from our senior writer. 

Getting The WFH Situation Right

Before POPxo had an office in Gurgaon or Mumbai, the team worked from home for a year. We were a small team of 10-15 people who used to communicate every single day through Slack and Google Hangouts. Five years ago, working from home was a not-so-welcoming concept in India. Many friends and relatives would think of me as a ‘freelancer’ (FYI freelancers are equally awesome) and not a full-time employee at a company because it was unusual to call a home your office. In some ways, the pandemic has changed this ideology for good. Working-from-home is no longer frowned upon but considered to be a necessity and a luxury. While working from home may sound fun, let me tell you that it comes with its share of cons. Since no one is watching you, you have to discipline yourself, learn to manage your time better and create a work-life balance. I'm fortunate to have learned these things at the early stages of my career as it has helped me cope and adapt better to the current situation.
                                                                               - Sharon Alphonso, Senior Writer

Now some of these work-life changes that Team POPxo went through are great and some not so much (we miss our friends!) but hey, we are always going to strive to bring some interesting things your way. Here's raising a glass to a better year ahead!

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