9 Of Us Tried Sonakshi's "Akira" Kick. Here's What Happened!!

9 Of Us Tried Sonakshi's "Akira" Kick. Here's What Happened!!
We’re all really looking forward to “Akira”, given that Sonakshi looks absolutely badass and this promises to be one helluva Bollywood movie where the heroine (and not the hero!) gets to deal out all the punches and kicks and be basically awesome. And that’s why when we discovered the Sonakshi’s Akira training video yesterday, we were like: “Why don’t WE try this?” We may not be as fit as Sona, but we sure don’t mind trying to be a little bit badass at least... :P

1. Apoorva’s airy attempt

Sonakshi Sinha Akira kick apoorva "Had I looked any better in the picture, I would've confessed that I enjoyed it! :P" - Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator (Look at her - it’s so totally “Oh, I’m just resting my foot in the air and chilling…” #Jealous)

2. Sneha takes on Spiderman...

Sonakshi Sinha Akira kick sneha “This only re-confirmed what I always knew. I am unfit. Sad face.” - Sneha Manandhar, Lifestyle Writer (But she looks totally ready to do a Spidey-walk up a building, no? :P)

3. Krita goes fierce AF

Sonakshi Sinha Akira kick krita “Yes, I can throw a side kick while wearing a dress. :P” - Krita Raut, Editorial Manager (Whoa! Girl-crush-mode ON.)

4. Sanya’s attempt to escape us...

Sonakshi Sinha Akira kick sanya “Can you tell that I was forced to do this against my will?” - Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor (She’s lying. Just look at that grin on her face!)

5. Isheeta came, saw, calmly conquered the kick

Sonakshi Sinha Akira kick isheeta “Mine was a dance move cum high kick! Multi-tasker? I think so!” - Isheeta Sharma, Lifestyle Writer (Totally unruffled and poised enough to look posed. Hmm…)

6. Geetam gives it a go...

Sonakshi Sinha Akira kick geetam "Damn! I definitely need to get better at it!! Can't even fake it properly for a photograph.” - Geetam Bhardwaj, Copy Editor
(But we love, love, LOVE that she was a sport enough to try!)

7. Simar does it in heels

Sonakshi Sinha Akira kick simar “Honestly, I just mostly loved the fact that I was able to do this with so much ease in my heels! Although, I wouldn't advise you to try it at home!” - Simar Rana, Video Content Editor (Here’s some “how to deal with life in heels” goals for you.)

8. Shivani signs on for more than she’d expected

Sonakshi Sinha Akira kick shivani "I was just like, yeah this sounds fun, let's do this. And then I did. It was only after I did it that I realized I suck at it." - Shivani Shrivastava, Trending Writer (Don’t believe her. This Shivani of ours is a born camera-lover.)

9. Pradipta complains about kicking high in jeans...

Sonakshi Sinha Akira kick pradipta “I can’t believe my team made me do this 17 times because they weren’t clicking fast enough and kept missing the actual kick!!” - Pradipta Sarkar, Managing Editor (We did it on purpose, maybe? :P) So what do you guys think? Team POPxo got some badassness in them or not? And would YOU try the Akira kick? :D