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Team POPxo Reveal The People Who Influenced & Introduced Them To The World Of Beauty

Team POPxo Reveal The People Who Influenced & Introduced Them To The World Of Beauty

The month of March is dedicated to all the awesome women around us ‘coz it’s the month to acknowledge all the strong, gorgeous women SHE-roes. Today, Team POPxo talks about the awesome women who helped all of us fall in love with beauty. And for me, it’s my mom.

For as long as I can remember, my mother used all-natural ingredients to make DIY hair masks, face masks, body scrubs, hair strengthening packs, leave-in conditioners, and whatnot on me. While I always argued with her as I hated their pungent smell but deep down I always knew they are doing wonders to my body. I’ve always seen my mother making use of all the *wastes* too. Tomato peels, potato skin, orange peels- everything is used to make amazing, au naturale DIYs that can be used by everyone.

Such a cutie patootie, no? But enough about me, let's talk about the women who introduced the talented Team POPxo to the magical world of beauty.

Team POPxo Talk About The Women Who Helped Them Fall in Love With Beauty

We all have had at least one influential person who has managed to steer us in the *beauty-ful* direction of all things beauty, right?

Nidhi Kavle | Assistant Editor


I was introduced to beauty by accident in school, I had just learned how to use the internet and I found YouTube. I remember watching videos, waiting for them to stream and enthusiastically writing down tips in a journal. For as long as I can remember, I loved home remedies and DIY and YouTube opened up a whole new possibility for learning new things. I began my journey in beauty, makeup and skincare by reading beauty blogs and watching YouTubers like Tati Beauty, Wayne Goss and Farah Dukhai.

Himani Khatri | Beauty Producer and Talent

Just like a lot of girls my mom and grandmother were the women who introduced me to the world of beauty. From the traditional ubtan to homemade DIY hair masks, it has really taught me the importance of self-love and care.

Neha Kapoor | Senior Writer

My idea of beauty is to pamper your skin with all things herbal. My sister is the one who introduced me to the DIY scrubs and masks about three years ago, and I’m completely in love with the idea. I have been using homemade products since then and refrain from using any other beauty products now.

Naina Sharma | Senior Writer

Both my mother and my sister are all about organic skincare. From using papaya peels to potato juice on the skin-- the women know exactly how to keep the skin fresh and hydrated. And while I am quite careless when it comes to giving my skin the attention it deserves, these two powerful women in my life making sure that they introduce the lazy me to easy at-home hacks.

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Sharon Alphonso | Senior Writer


Dr. Jaishree Sharad’'s book called 'Skin Rules' changed my entire perspective on skincare. She explains complex beauty terminologies in the simplest fashion. That's given me direction to change my own approach to writing beauty articles now. Sentences need to be simple, informative and easy for the reader to understand. If you can get someone to clearly understand the thoughts in your head about a subject through an article, then you've succeeded as a journalist. That's one of my professional goals for 2020.

Manasvi Jaitly | Assistant Editor

My colleague, friend and the beauty wizard at POPxo, Nidhi Kavle introduced me to beauty. For me, it was always about a kohl liner and a lip balm until she opened up the world of concealers, highlighters, bronzers! Add to that a hundred skin and haircare products. Although I love that I can do a fine job when it comes to makeup now, it also takes up a chunk of my salary!

Arushi Sabharwal | Social Media Coordinator


My idea of beauty was just lipstick and liner. My sister who is a beauty buff introduced me CTM routine which changed my life and made me fall in love with my skin.

Priyanka Nath | Senior Influencer Associate

I was once being told by my Mom that beauty is skin deep and what you eat shows on your skin. I always loved the idea of the inner glow but I also realized that a little bit of makeup doesn’t hurt! I instantly fell in love with the idea of inner glow however having said I always aim to maintain an equilibrium between skincare and beauty as it is really important to strike the correct balance between the two and make the most of both of them.

So, who introduced you to beauty? Tell us, we'd love to know!

Featured Image: Team POPxo

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