Fun In The Time Of Corona: Team POPxo Shares Their Fave Activity During Lockdown

Fun In The Time Of Corona: Team POPxo Shares Their Fave Activity During Lockdown

We are in the middle of a global health crisis. The lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has put us in situations we never even imagined. So what do you do when you have an unprecedented lockdown staring at us. We say it's time to make lemonade out of life's lemons. We are not trying to scare you, but the virus is spreading. The number of cases in India has now crossed a thousand mark and trains, stations and stadiums are being transformed into quarantine wards. Social distancing and staying at home is the only way one can avoid contracting the virus in the first place. Staying locked in can make you feel anxious, we agree. However, instead of being impatient by the thought, take it one day a time. And take this opportunity to spend time with your family, learn new skills and explore your hobbies. Just like Team POPxo!

Whether it's a kitchen face-off with your partner or playing with your pet, there are a lot of positive things our team is focussing on. After all, the need for positivity becomes even more critical during this crucial time.

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Favourite Activity During Lockdown, Ft. Team POPxo

Need some inspiration and ideas on what all you do during the lockdown? Take cues from Team POPxo

'Rewatching Old Movies'


I’m thoroughly enjoying re-watching movies that I and my brother grew up watching with the whole family. Since all of us are under the same roof now, the old jokes are back, the memories are refreshed, and it’s pure entertainment to laugh at silly Bollywood scenes now that we found awesome back then!

-Sayunkta Jain, Junior Editor

'Listening To My Grandmother's Stories'

My days are spent with my grandmother because I’m living in her house to be her quarantine buddy. So, almost all my time goes in listening to her stories, understanding her needs and entertaining her. We do yoga in the evening together, play Scrabble together and even cook together. Sometimes we even share long silences as we sit side by side and read, guess it’s all about finding happiness in the smallest of things these days.

-Anandita Malhotra, Senior Writer

'Playing With My Son'


TBH, I’m not the kind of person who loves to work from home, but given the circumstances, we have to. What I’m loving the most during this lockdown is that I’m getting a lot more time to spend with my son. During normal working days, I did not have enough time to play with him or impart my wisdom (LOL) but now, I get ample amount of time with him, and I’m just loving it! 

-Neha Kapoor, Senior Writer

'Cooking With My Partner'


The lockdown has made it possible for me to spend more time with my partner. We never really got to do things together because of our work schedules. It’s surprising how you don’t realise that doing small things together makes a big difference. Even though both of us are still working from home, have crazy deadlines, we are able to spend time with each other. We are doing partner workouts, cook together, read books and watch movies. These are just simple pleasures of life, which we may not be able to experience once the lockdown is over.

-Ekta Alreja, Deputy Editor

'Midnight Food-Sessions With My Brother'

Despite all the work from home load and the added coronavirus anxiety, it is the little moments with family that are helping me through the lockdown. My younger brother is home for a significant period after two years since he was pursuing his MBA from Ahmedabad and the time spent with him really does mean a lot to everyone in my family. Right from watching stupid romcons (in parts, of course) with him to late night maggi sessions, the two of us are literally reliving our childhood days and it’s spending time with him that has to be my favourite lockdown activity.

-Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer

'Recreating Make-up Looks'

If I'm being honest. I've managed to scour through half of Netflix, cleaned up my makeup stash thrice, my room twice and I'm now a pro at cleaning utensils! I've not reconnected with a new hobby or discovered a new one, I'm just playing with my makeup, recreating a few looks from YouTube and using all the facial tools I've bought but never used.

-Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer

'Sneaking In Cuddles With My Dog'

My favourite part about the lockdown is spending more time with my dog. He’s the best work from home buddy--he keeps me company and doesn’t talk. Plus, I can sneak in a lot of cuddles when I’m feeling too overworked. When work is over, I love snuggling with him while I read a book or watch Netflix. I don’t know how either of us are going to cope with the separation anxiety once the lockdown is over.

-Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor



'Loving My No Sleep Schedule'

My favourite thing about the lockdown is having no sleep schedule! I have been sleeping by 3 AM on most nights and waking up by 10 AM for work. I’m not a morning person at all so this WFH situation is working well for me! What I do till 3 AM, you ask? Well, Netflix, scrolling Instagram and texting my friends all of which I don’t get to do throughout the day - because too much work!

-Vasudha Tingal, Social Media Manager

'Sitting In The Balcony & Watching Birds'


TBH, I’m loving every single thing about this lockdown! The best, however, is the fact that my mornings are no longer rushed. Considering I don’t have to drive to work or reach the office at a particular time, I’m able to spend the first half an hour of my day doing nothing. To just sit on my balcony, sip on honey-lemon and watch the birds… It’s the best start to the day. I’ll so miss this once we’re back to our hectic life schedules.

-Manasvi Jaitly, Assistant Editor

'Loving My At-Home Dance Fitness Routine'

Yoga and dance fitness are two of my favourite activities that I look forward to after work every day. It keeps me calm and collected post the day’s stress. I really enjoy the workout sessions which Cult hosts. They do live sessions every hour of the day and the best part is that you don’t have to be a member to join it, anyone who downloads the app has access to a free workout. I’m a sucker for that post-workout glow I tell ya!

-Sharon Alphonso, Senior Writer

'Indulging In Self-Care'

I'm not usually someone who spends too much time at home. This whole lockdown and work from home situation isn't getting the best of me. But if I really (try hard to) look for a silver lining, I can say that it's left me a lot of time for self-care that I would put off doing earlier. I've finally narrowed down on a skincare routine and I'm being consistent and using just 4 products, and I can see my skin changing in just a week. So looks like I'm coming out of this lockdown grumpy but glowing! 

-Nidhi Kavle, Assistant Editor

'Getting A Tight Hug From Mumma'

I am spending my lockdown days with my parents in Meerut. There's stress, anxiety and fear all around but what makes me sail through is a tight hug from my mom. No kidding, whenever I feeling overwhelmed, a chat with my mumma lifts up my mood instantly. So, yes, this is my favourite activity. This is such a bonus time that I've got with my parents ever since I left hometown for college and I will cherish it forever. No matter what, family comes first!

- Naina Sharma, Senior Writer

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