This Republic Day, We At Team POPxo Share The Changes We Want In #MyIndia2020

This Republic Day, We At Team POPxo Share The Changes We Want In #MyIndia2020

Republic Day for me is not just about watching the parade on the television. While I enjoy doing that, 26th January is also a day to reflect on what is happening in our country, what changes we want to see and what are we, as citizens of India, doing about it. And it's not just on Republic Day, the youth of India is invested in their nation all throughout. We have concerns, we voice our opinions strongly and we're hopeful. That said, we are also extremely proud to be Indians.

Team POPxo Shares Their Hopes Of India This Year

This Republic Day, Team POPxo talks about the one thing that they want for India in 2020. Here's what they had to say:

Priyanka Gill, Founder & CEO

"My India 2020 is filled with peace, happiness and prosperity for all of us."

Anukriti Khare, Brand Solutions Senior Writer

"I have always taken pride in the fact that India is a country that has so many religions, castes and different kind of people living together. In 2020, I want religion and caste-based politics to come to an end."

Aditi Bhalotra, Assistant Marketing Manager

"In 2020, I want an India that says no to taboos and embraces acceptance."

Ritika Sharma, Creative Producer

"India as a country is not safe for women. But off-late, I feel that it's not safe for anyone. Men, women, children, no one. In 2020, I want India to be a safer place for everyone."

Supriya Srivastava, Deputy Editor Hindi

"Hum 2020 main hai par aaj bhi male dominance iss kadar haavi hai ki mahilao ko unki izzat aur unka darza us tarah se haasil nahi ho raha jitna wo deserve karti hain. Main chahti hun ki 2020 mein chhota sheher ho ya bada sheher, mahilao ko unki izzat ya unka darza unki kaabiliyat pe mile na ki unke aurat hone pe."

Sasha Chhetri, Head of Marketing & Special Projects

"In 2020, I want my motherland to celebrate mothers. The girl child grows into a woman who becomes a mother. So, in 2020, let's celebrate our daughters, let's love them, let's respect them and let's cherish them."

Shreya Banerjee, Video Post Producer

"In 2020, I want people to know the true meaning of feminism. We are not bashing men. We just want equal rights. Is that asking for too much?"

Kashika Saxena, Head of Content

"In 2020, main chahti hu ki hum apni life main ek aisa change leke aye that will help towards changing the environment. Climate change is real and global warming is serious. Agar humne aaj kuchh nahi kia toh aage ki generations ko dene ke liye kuckh nahi hoga. So, in 2020, I hope we all can work towards saving the environment."

Manasvi Jaitly, Assistant Editor

"The one change I really wish to see in 2020 is for people to use social media more responsibly. I feel like there is a lot of information out there. People are absorbing it but they don't really know if it's correct and they are quick to voice their opinion and their outrage without really thinking of the consequences. So, I wish to be able to see this change."

Disha Dinesh, Senior Influencer Associate

"In 2020, I want India to be more kind towards animals. They are a part of this society as much as we are and they're our best friends."

Arushi Monga, Brand Solutions Associate

"I hope society is more accepting of child adoption in 2020."

Harshita Chawla, Influencer Associate

"I want my India to be a more responsible generation of millennials."

Prachi Bishnoi, Brand Solutions Manager

"I want people to have the freedom to love beyond gender stereotypes."

Nithya Srinivasan, Brand Solutions Senior Associate

"Main chahti hun ke log society main pressure ki wajah se shadi na kare. Wo ek ladka and ladki ka individual choice hai and age shouldn't be a factor in this."

Nalini Prasad, Brand Solutions Associate

"In 2020, I really hope people can accept themselves as they truly are. They don't get bogged down by any of those body-shaming comments."

Anandita Malhotra, Senior Writer

"The British left us so many years ago but divisive politics is very much a reality in our country even today. We're still dividing people on caste, religion, sexual preference, etc. I really wish we can say bye to all of this and wake up to a happier and a better tomorrow."

Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day!