Goodbye PJs! Team POPxo On The First Back-To-Work Outfit They Cannot Wait To Wear

Goodbye PJs! Team POPxo On The First Back-To-Work Outfit They Cannot Wait To Wear

Bored of your pyjamas and track pants? Team POPxo has some similar thoughts. It's been months(!) of working from our homes and while everyone loves the good old loungewear, the need to dress up to the nines is far too real right now. Won't be entirely wrong to say that all I am doing these days is putting outfits together, albeit in my head! With that thought in mind and also being stuck in a rut, I asked my colleagues about the very first look they would sport when we would finally bid goodbye to Zoom and return to the office. 

Back-To-Work Looks Featuring Team POPxo!

From dresses and co-ords to everything in between there are quite a lot of outfits Team POPxo is currently dreaming of. Scroll down to take a look:

Pantsuit FTW


I am wearing a pantsuit and only death’s gonna change that! In the past 10 months that I have worked from home, I have been out of the house like twice, both times in PJs. Not exaggerating it when I say that sometimes I can hear all my blazers calling me out at night (it’s pretty eerie given I have like 5000 of them)! Definitely gonna put on a pantsuit, maybe throw in a turtleneck and last season square-toed heels ‘coz let’s be honest, who even purchased heels in the year past? 
—Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer

Get Khusbhoo's current favourite seaprate, i.e, the blazer!


Green Blazer

INR 2,360 AT Van Heusen

Trousers Who?


Since I’ve spent the last 10 months wearing PJs while I work from home, I am definitely going to ditch jeans or jeggings or any kind of trousers or full-length bottoms. My first back-to-work outfit, therefore, HAS to be a formal skirt and blouse or a formal dress. My pencil skirts are waiting to be worn again and I can’t wait to wear them either!
—Naina Sharma, Social Media Manager

We got a similar-looking skirt for you too, just in case!


Maroon Pencil Skirt

INR 699 AT Cilory

Print Game Strong


A printed dress! I have done so much shopping in the last few months and haven’t really had the chance to flaunt my *carefully curated #OOTDs*. When the office finally reopens, I am definitely wearing my favourite dress and perhaps even go on to pair it with the hottest red pair of heels and makeup (preferably a bright lip colour). Making a sartorial statement is definitely worth it!
—Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer

Don't forget to cop that lip colour, friends. 


LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick- Datereview

INR 395 AT MyGlamm

Classic Jumpsuit


I have been cooped up at home for the past few months doing nothing but working in my sweatpants. So when I finally get to go to the office and meet people (humans in flesh and blood) I just have to be dressed to kill! And with my wardrobe, chaos will ensue but I guess if I had to pick one outfit it has to be this powerful formal jumpsuit from H&M and I'm pairing it with my best pair of heels come hell or high water. Provided I fit into it, now that I’ve been sitting at home and eating like there’s no tomorrow, I’m not sure if I can still fit into this size 2 jumpsuit anymore. Fingers crossed, or maybe I'll just pick something from all the new outfits I have been hoarding for the last 10 months or so! 
—Janvi Manchanda, Writer

Here's a similar jumpsuit for your wardrobe. You are welcome!


Satin jumpsuit

INR 3,999 AT H&M

Easy Does It


The pandemic has made me realise how much I dislike wearing tight clothing. I like my sweatpants and will consciously now shop for comfy outfits in the future too. For my first back-to-work outfit, I will be sporting a loose pair of pastel pink chiffon pants, grey sneakers and a classic white tee and of course, my larger-than-life bag! 
—Sharon Alphonso, Senior Writer

Digging Sharon's uber-cool tee? Get an almost-similar version!


Jersey T-shirt

INR 399 AT H&M

Responsible Buys


After not buying a single thing for my closet for about 13 months straight, I gifted myself this super warm (and cool!) coat from Lv Closet, a store I stumbled across on Instagram. My idea was also to explore vintage items, for responsible buying is something cemented at this point of time. To give credit where it’s due, it was delivered as good as new but I got it dry cleaned once again for safe measure. Can totally see myself wearing this to work, teamed, of course, with this chic turtleneck I have owned for ages and my favourite pants from Morii! 
—Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Writer

The exact same pair of pants? Looks like I read your mind!



INR 4,755 AT Morii

Found some inspiration for your own back-to-work/college outfits? Hopefully, we will be wearing them soon!

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