Period Dramas, Sitcoms & Political Thrillers! 10 Shows Team POPxo Is Watching This Week

Period Dramas, Sitcoms & Political Thrillers! 10 Shows Team POPxo Is Watching This Week

Isn't it super annoying when you're searching for a new show to binge-watch and realise that you have either watched everything that exists on all the OTT platforms or the very same platforms have been deprived of all things nice? Well, if you have been going through a similar fate and struggling with a shortage of good recommendations, then we are here to your rescue. 

Whether you have a thing for thriller, romance, comedy, or drama, Team POPxo has got all the genres covered and how! So, in case you are looking for authentic recommendations and not just online hocus-pocus, we suggest you check out what we're watching this week!

Team POPxo Shares What They're Watching This Week

There's a reason why you always end up watching the show your bestie suggests--because they know your taste and also because you know their choice is awesome. Now, while we do not know your taste per se, we do know a good series when we watch one. So, keep reading to know what Team POPxo is watching this week and pick your favourite from the list!

Bling Empire


So, here’s a confession: I am a cringe connoisseur. If you have ever watched something extremely shitty and wondered, “But who watches this,” I am the answer! That said Aayushi Pareek from the beauty team was the one who sent me a hyper excited text about Bling Empire. And given mutual admiration for all things cringe and drama, I knew I had to watch this one and well, I haven’t been disappointed. I just started yesterday and I’m shamefully close to the last episode atm. 

-Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer 

Virgin River


Watching Virgin River episodes on loop feels like a bowl of hot noodles on a cold winter day. The show has its faults (read terribly slow and melodramatic) but the easily likeable characters and the gorgeous British Columbia woodlands shots definitely make it worth a watch. Despite the predictable twists and turns, most of the show is about that steaming-hot-noodles-on-a-cold-winter-day feeling. And if you are someone who loves to release their pent-up feelings by watching heartwarming tearjerkers like me, this one will work for you. I've finished watching the two seasons and eagerly waiting for the third one.

-Ekta Alreja, Deputy Editor 



Recently, I was going through some meme pages on my Instagram handle and Bridgerton was all over them. Obviously, I researched the show and the first name that hit me was that of its producer, Shonda Rhimes. Now, for anyone who needs to know, Rhimes and I have one thing in common--our love for drama. And, this fictional period drama set in the 19th century promises me just that. I have already started with its first season and frankly, it’s giving me major Pride & Prejudice vibes. Don’t mind if I have an accent by the end of this week.

- Kanupriya, Lifestyle Writer

Dear White People


This is a fantastic dramedy about race politics in America. Instead of being preachy and moralistic, the show educates its audiences about the sensitive issue of race and class relations in present-day America through its black protagonists attending a fictional ivy-league institute called Winchester University. It’s funny, it’s smart and it’s got an extremely good looking cast. What’s not to love?

-Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor

Fate The Winx Saga


So, I was bored and browsing Netflix for some good shows to watch and I came across this fantasy drama series based on Nickelodeon’s Winx Club. I just couldn’t help but binge-watch this magical drama. I absolutely love these shows about magic and all that jazz. Also, deep down it sort of makes me wish that this otherworld exists and maybe I could have some magical powers : P

I started watching it yesterday and I’m already on the last episode of the first season and I JUST DON’T WANT IT TO END! 

- Janvi Manchanda, Writer 



I was excited about this show for one reason--the splendid Sarah Paulson. It released back in September 2020 but sadly, I didn’t get enough time to give it a go. But now I do and guess it was worth the wait. 

The show is a prequel to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and if you guys have watched it, then you’d remember the infamous Nurse Ratched. Yep, the show is all about her undoing. I don’t know what I was expecting but definitely not something this dark and twisted. The show is very edgy, unpredictable, retro, and I cannot wait to find out how it ends!

- Sharon Alphonso, Senior Writer

House of Cards


I am super late to the party but having watched all of everything (or so it feels like), I started with this political drama in January, a genre I have been enjoying of late. I am currently on Season 3 and try to squeeze in an episode or 2 at night to unwind. It’s gripping and has its fair share of thrills and surprises so it fits the bill for when I want to decompress and take my mind off of things. 

-Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Writer

Schitt’s Creek


Alright, I’m late to the club and the show was long overdue on my to-binge-watch list. I started watching this sitcom last weekend, and I’m already on season 2. The show’s about the uber-rich Schitt family who lost their fortune and now, have to live in the ‘real world’. Alexis’ incredible fashion sense and David’s antics are definitely growing on me, but I still find the show a little slow TBH. However, a lot of my friends say that the show paces up after a few seasons. I don’t mind giving it some time because the series has got some really sarcastic punch-lines--something that is definitely keeping me hooked.

- Naina Sharma, Social Media Manager

Little Fires Everywhere


Adapted from a novel by Celeste Ng’s of the same name, Little Fires Everywhere has two women at the helm of it--Elena Richardson, played by Reese Witherspoon and Mia Warren played by Kerry Washington. Juxtaposing these two characters, it shows us two people who have made very different choices, whose politics differ and whose families do too. Giving us an insight into gender, race, and sexuality, this show is even more relevant in the current times. This mini-series gets so much right that it’s a hard one to miss.

- Anandita Malhotra, Senior Writer

Dollface, Champions, Bling Empire & What Not!


Where to even begin?! I am addicted to watching shows online. Whether it’s something that’s trending everywhere or a few shows that I watched in the past, I am watching (and rewatching) random shows on various apps.

Currently, I am watching Dollface, The Big Bang Theory (for the second time), Elementary (for the fourth time), Champions and Bling EmpireJust last week, I finished watching Girlboss (for the second time), 2 Broke Girls (for the third time), The Witches Of The East End (for the second time), Bridgerton, The Beauty And The Baker, and Always A Witch.

I’m not gonna lie, I am addicted to watching shows and usually watching a lot of them simultaneously. I’m sure by the time this story gets published, I’ll be watching a new set of shows!

- Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer

 So folks, which one are you going to binge-watch first?

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