This Teacher’s Day, Team POPxo Tells Their FAV “Teacher” Tales!

This Teacher’s Day, Team POPxo Tells Their FAV “Teacher” Tales!
Today is Teacher’s Day and no matter how much we hate to love our teachers or love to hate them, each one of us has at least one memory from our school or college days about our teachers. Some of them are sweet, some of them are inspiring and some of them are just SO funny. On this Teacher’s Day, we at POPxo decided to share some of the most interesting anecdotes from the time we in school and/ or college. You guys have to give this one a read, ‘cuz it’ll definitely bring a smile on your face. So here, go ahead.

1. The one who inspired Isheeta! *Aww*

“I had always loved writing. It was, and still is probably, the only passion in my life. In 10th grade, amidst the season of exams and unreal expectations, I started writing a novel. Yup, I really thought I could finish it in a year and become rich and famous. It was some teen romance story that I can’t even recall now but what I do remember is that I gave the first draft (around 100 pages) to my English teacher. I wanted her to read it and give me an honest opinion. In a week or so, she came to class and in front of everyone announced that she had read my so-called novel and she loved the effort, idea and focus I had put into it. Yup, in front of the whole class! Though I was kind of embarrassed, I was mostly happy and overwhelmed that not only had she read it but also thought it was a dream worth pursuing. I never completed the novel, but hey, I am now a writer, professionally...something I couldn’t have been without that tiny, valuable input.” - Isheeta Sharma, Lifestyle Writer
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2. ‘Cuz Sanya is a dreamer, daydreamer! *Laughs*

“I was in 4th grade and so zoned out in Science class that I thought it was Geography. When my teacher called on me, I confidently started rattling off an answer about maps… We were studying mammals.” - Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor

3. The one who gave Sneha permission to bunk. *Okay, this is so cool!*

“When in high school, we had an English teacher, I don’t remember his name but he was pretty chill. One day my friends and I didn’t feel like attending his lecture, so we just hung around outside the classroom. We told him we’d like to skip his class and he said, ‘Okay but don’t stand here, the discipline in-charge will catch you, go hide somewhere, like in the library.’ And so we did. Such a nice teacher.” - Sneha Manandhar, Lifestyle Writer 3 teachers day

4. Apoorva was SO scared that she threw up. *Hilarious!*

“I was in 11th grade and it was my English class. My friends and I, we were very hungry. So I opened my lunchbox and started munching on the burgers. As soon as the teacher turned towards the board, I took a huge bite. She immediately turned back again and saw me, and asked me to stop eating. So I puked it back in the tiffin box.” - Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator Also read: 9 Of Us Tried Sonakshi’s “Akira” Kick. Here’s What Happened!!

5. The one who saved Sonali from her Principal. *Just SO sweet*

“I was always fond of reading so I used to spend a lot of time hanging out in the library. I was pretty close to my school’s librarian as I used to spend most of my time chilling in the library, reading or arranging books, and sometimes we used to discuss the latest books we were reading. Once I was bunking a Math period and the librarian knew about it. To my benefit, she never said anything to me. That day the Principal decided to take a round and she got to know about it. She did the coolest thing ever - she hid me under her large wooden desk and I remember giggling the entire 10 minutes the Principal was in the library. It was fun.” - Sonali Pawar, Editorial Coordinator
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6. The one who got pranked by Ms. Prerna. *Poor guy*

“In 11th standard, we just didn’t want to study! We would do anything just so we didn’t have to attend classes, and when we HAD to attend, we would annoy our teachers (yes!). I remember, our English teacher was new and our whole class wanted to have fun! So whenever he turned towards the board, someone would shout, ‘Sir, chooha’ and he would turn back and ask where the chooha was! Hahaha! It used to be so much fun. First, the first row would shout, ‘It’s here’, then the students in the third row would go, ‘Now it’s here. I even remember someone saying ‘Sir, the chooha is pink!’ And he used to get so annoyed by us! School was so much fun…” - Prerna Chauhan, Trending Writer

7. The one who made Manasvi believe that her name wasn’t “feminine” enough! *Giggles*

“I had this Hindi teacher who insisted that my name ‘Manasvi’ was that of a boy. According to her, the female version of Manasvi should’ve been ‘Manasvini.’ She was so enthu about it that she even called my parents to share her concern and got me a name changing form the next day. I remember I even got mad at my parents for keeping a boy’s name for me! I was just in the 8th grade then! - Manasvi Jaitly, Senior Wedding Writer 7 teachers day

8. The one who was mean to Somya. *Sob*

“When I was in my third grade, I had a really strict teacher who was also (now that I think about it) a little OCD about everything being in straight lines. This one day we had our PT class, and someone sipped water from my bottle and kept it in a different angle. My teacher saw it and that’s it, she lost her mind. It was literally inches away from being in line and it wasn’t a big deal at all. When I told her I hadn’t kept it that way and that someone else did it, she thought I was lying… and there! She hit my palm with a scale, not once, but three times. I was blue and in pain. This made me so furious that I complained to my parents and the Principal, and after a week or so, she wasn’t our class teacher anymore! Yay.”  - Somya Suresh, Senior Writer & Copy Editor
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9. ‘Cuz Manika will forever be grateful to her teachers. *Aww*

“I was in class 8 when this happened. I was supposed to deliver the welcome speech for the dignitary who was going to inaugurate the event. I was the youngest orator in the team (at least 2 years younger to everyone out there). Although I used to be a fluent and confident orator, two days before the function, I started freaking out. During the practice in front of the Principal, I forgot my speech and ran from the stage. Twice. I still remember my teacher, who not only consoled me, but also made me go back on, both times. And my Principal smiled at me and shook my hand after I was done with the practice. I guess no one remembers this but me. That incident changed the way I looked at things and the way I handled failure. Thank you teachers :)” - Manika Parasher, Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor 9 teachers day

10. The one who gave Srishti and her friends something to laugh about...

“Our photography professor wasn't very fluent in English and trying to understand what he was trying to say was always a task. One day, he told the class that he was going to teach ‘shillouts’ and how to create them. We all were very confused because we'd never heard of such a term before. Later during the class we figured that he meant ‘silhouettes’!! Ever since then my friends and I have always referred to silhouette as ‘shillout’!” - Srishti Sabharwal, Fashion Writer

11. The one who caught Shivani with…a samosa!!

“For me, eating food on time is really important. I go insane if I’m hungry. This is a problem which I’ve been facing since I was 7, I guess. Well, when I was in 11th grade, I remember I was running late for school so I skipped my breakfast. I was planning to pick something up on my way but even that didn’t work out. My first period was Economics and if I entered her class late, she’d probably make me stand throughout the day. Anyway, I bought a samosa from the canteen, hid it inside my blazer and ran to the class. I sat on the last seat and started eating. Suddenly, I heard my teacher’s voice, approaching me, ‘What’s that smell?’ she asked, I immediately threw the leftover and covered my mouth. She knew something was fishy so she made me stand up and caught me eating early in the morning. I was so sure she would punish me… But you know what she did? She asked me if I was hungry. I said yes and then she smiled and asked me to go out, eat, and then come back inside. She is, till date, my favorite teacher. *Hearts*” - Shivani Shrivastava, Trending Writer
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