Taylor Swift Just Released A New Version of Love Story & It's The Best V-Day Gift Ever!

Taylor Swift Just Released A New Version of Love Story & It's The Best V-Day Gift Ever!

When I was dramatic 15-year-old, I would listen to one particular song on repeat and pine over my crush. Of course, my taste in music as well as men changed substantially as grew older. But let me let you in on a secret--every time I feel romantic, I go back to that song. It reminds me of the innocence of first love and the naivety of a young heart. And although I can't sing at all, whenever I hear it, I always hum along.

No guesses that I'm talking about Taylor Swift's iconic song Love Story. And in case you're wondering why we are so hyped about a song that released over a decade ago, it's because the singer just released a re-recorded version Love Story with a new video! Here's what she shared on her social media handle before the release:


Taylor announced that she'll be releasing her own version of the album called Fearless, that will feature 26 songs altogether. She also revealed that she has added 6 brand new songs that she had originally written as a teenager.

She wrote, "Fearless was an album full of magic and curiosity, the bliss and devastation of youth. It was the diary of adventures and explorations of a teenage girl who was learning tiny lessons with every new crack in the facade of the fairytale ending she had been shown in the movies. I'm thrilled to tell you that my new version of Fearless is done and will be with you soon. It's called Fearless (Taylor's version) and it includes 26 songs." Isn't that poetic?

The new version of the song released on February 12. It has new but similar chords and the video is a mashup of Taylor's real-life moments. It features a collage of pictures when the Folklore singer was a teen, with her fans, and snippets of her stage performances. The video ends with Taylor making a heart with her hands along with a note on the side that says, "With love to all my fans." The new version of Fearless also includes popular tracks like You Belong To Me and Fifteen. Don't know about you, but we are super excited!

BRB, busy listening to the song on loop!

Feature Image: Instagram