There's A Cool New Way Of Sending A Wedding Invite & We're Loving It!

There's A Cool New Way Of Sending A Wedding Invite & We're Loving It!

So you left a WhatsApp to your besties revealing the deets of your wedding but we all know our friends. They get so excited and they have so many questions. But honestly, with all the hustle bustle of the wedding, how many messages can we really reply to? Well, in that case here’s TARS Invitation who have come up with an amazing new way to send out your wedding invite. Sounds good but wondering what it is? It is an automated, chat based wedding invite which feels like someone is personally inviting you on a messaging app. Confused? Well, let us break it down for you.

You can begin by breaking the news to your friends and you let them choose a response.

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Add automated responses for their questions. For questions like when and where it lets you mark the place on Google maps as well. You can customise the flow of your conversation with absolutely no effort on your end.

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Finally, you can ask your friends for a confirmation and their preferences.

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Now you know how many of your guests would be making it and of course, you can ask them their food preferences as well. So you will also know if your guests prefer gulab jamun over ice cream- all from one place. Isn’t that super-cool?

You can check out how it works here.

You can get in touch with TARS Invitation through Email- or contact them on +919980835840.

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