Tanushree Dutta's Story Is Yet Another Sign That Being A Woman Is Hard In This World

Tanushree Dutta's Story Is Yet Another Sign That Being A Woman Is Hard In This World

I was three when I was first assaulted. My best friend was fifteen when she was raped. My roommate was 22 when her boss grabbed her butt in office. My sister was nine when she was eve-teased on the streets. My mother was 20 when she was molested by her own cousin. My aunt was 40 when she was raped by her husband. We all stand together holding hands, heads bowed down, and tears brimming our eyes as victims of a system that has failed each one of us. We weep because #MeToo aren't just words on a screen, they are very real and they're our stories. 

Today, we stand with Tanushree Dutta who is trying to tell her story.




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Some days ago, Tanushree Dutta alleged that her then co-actor Nana Patekar harassed her while shooting for the film Horn OK Pleassss. The incident happened in 2008 - she said that he touched her inappropriately during the shoot of a dance number. After she left the set with her parents, her car was attacked by goons and was further troubled. 

She went on to do interviews and tried to tell her story; she even tried lodging complaints with the police, however that too led to more harassment for her and her family. She added that it was a known secret in the industry, people supported her from behind the scenes but everyone refused to come out in public and lend her support.

Ten years later, Tanushree is still fighting for justice. After the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, things have become more open, women are coming out by the millions and sharing their stories, but unfortunately Bollywood has stayed mum. Until now. 

Journalist Janice Sequera, anchor of the show Social Media Star, came out in support of the actor and backed her allegations. An eye-witness to Tanushree's horror, she recounted that she was still young in the circuit but was there and shared a thread on Twitter about it.

Another eye witness, Shyni Shetty came forward on Twitter and collaborated with the story as she was the assisant director on the film.

Post Dutta's allegations, Bollywood stars took to Twitter to stand strong with her. From Twinkle Khanna and Sonam Kapoor to Priyanka Chopra and Anurag Kashyap, all said words of encouragement.

This isn't limited to Bollywood or India. In the US too, Christine Blasey Ford narrated a gut-wrentching story of assault by Brett Kavanaugh - a US Supreme Court nominee. She recounted the details she could remember and stood tall in front of the Senate where she was questioned about everything. For many, it was traumatic to see a victim recounting what was probably one of the hardest days of her life. 


These two news stories that are doing the rounds need to be heard. These incidents prove again that it's difficult to be a woman in this world. 

We walk out on the streets, and people stare. We ride on the buses and people grab us. We work in an office and we are targeted for being bossy or bitchy. They look at us, they masturbate at us, they grab us and we say 'no', our words go unheard. And then, it's our fault - for wearing something, for drinking something, for going out, for breathing.

Sometimes, being a woman makes me want to scream.

But looking at the changing winds, hearing both these women, I've realised that we have to fight it. More power to these two ladies for standing up to their perpetrators and taking us one step closer to the goal of equality.

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