What We Know About The Pataudi Palace Where Taimur Is Celebrating His Birthday Today

What We Know About The Pataudi Palace Where Taimur Is Celebrating His Birthday Today

Can we all please take a moment to appreciate the pink-faced perfection that is Taimur Ali Khan, in all his glory? This celebrity baby has been making headlines ever since he made his way into the world, and lord knows none of us can have enough of that beautiful face!

The royal baby turns one today, and the preparation for his birthday celebrations have been nothing short of absolute splendour! According to reports, the guest list most likely includes Kareena’s besties Malaika Arora Khan and Amrita Arora, her sister-in-law Soha Ali Khan and her husband Kunal Khemu, and of course, her Bollywood bestie, Karan Johar. Talk about a star-studded affair!

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The royal munchkin’s birthday party will be held at the gorgeous Pataudi Palace in Pataudi, Haryana and the stunning ancestral home of the Pataudis is being decked up in pretty lights for the event - we are officially smitten by the palatial charm!

The Pataudi Palace

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Also known as Ibrahim Kothi, the palace belongs to the Nawabs of Pataudi, and has a total of 150 rooms, including seven bedrooms, seven billiard rooms, seven dressing rooms, drawing rooms and spacious dining rooms.

Sprawling across ten acres, the building was designed on the orders of the 8th Nawab of Pataudi, Iftikhar Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s paternal grandfather, in the colonial style of mansions of Imperial Delhi by Robert Tor Russell. who was the Chief Architect to the Public Works Department in pre-Independent India. Russell was assisted by the Austrian architect Karl Molt von Heinz while working on the mansion.

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While the Pataudi Palace was, for a while, operated and a part of the Neemrana Hotels network of “non-hotel hotels” from 2005-2014, it was repossessed by Saif Ali Khan in 2014, and is currently worth 800 crore.

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The tastefully decorated hallways, the walls decked with the royal portraits of nawabs of the past, and the spacious rooms in the palace give us a peek into the history of the royals, while still keeping the contemporary designs intact of what a modern-day palace would look like!

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The beautiful pictures and the old world charm of the Pataudi Palace has us fawning over the venue, and the only thing that can possibly make this even better is the idea of getting to see more pictures of Taimur celebrating his birthday with his loved ones like the perfect prince he is!

Happy birthday, Taimur Ali Khan! We love you!

Images: Architectural Digest