We Had A Crush On Each Other: Tahira Talks About College Romance With Ayushmann Khurrana

We Had A Crush On Each Other: Tahira Talks About College Romance With Ayushmann Khurrana

Tahira Kashyap and Ayushmann Khurrana's love affair has us all swooning. Time and again they've declared their love for each other during interviews or on social media and as hopeless romantics, we are all gushing. Last year, wifey Tahira was detected with pre-invasive breast cancer, but the strong-willed lady did not let the disease deter her and fought it off with strength. Tahira initially didn't want to speak openly about her illness. But, after some hospital visits and research, she realised how important it was to spread awareness about breast cancer.

Now, Tahira has emerged as an icon and a role model for many battling cancer who felt alone and weakened by the disease.

Recently, Tahira Kashya came on a show by Romedy Now called The Love Laugh Live Show and opened up about a whole lot of things. From what their relationship was like when they were dating to how she mustered up courage even in the bleakest of times, she spoke about it all. 

Talking about their early days together, the writer said, "This was at physics tuition and we were a batch of 70 people, 70 kids, and I thought for the longest time his name was Abhishek, for some reason. The entire session we didn’t speak to each other, but we had a mutual crush on each other."

She even mentioned how they were pretty competitive about things, saying, "We were very competitive. Even though we were dating, he used to be rooting for his college and I used to be rooting for my college. There used to be this really cold war sorts going on the premises, the campus; cut to we were outside, sharing this one bowl of chowmein together."

Awww. How cute is that? #GOALS 

She further added that he was not great at English and said, "He had a tough time with English. My Hindi has become better because of him and I think his English has become a little better because of me. We’ve made our strengths into each other’s strengths."

Tahira and Ayushmann have been married eleven years now and they're as cute as ever. We wish them nothing but happiness, love and good health. ❤

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