The Heartwarming Trailer Of 'Toffee', Produced By Ayushmann Khurrana Is Here!

The Heartwarming Trailer Of 'Toffee', Produced By Ayushmann Khurrana Is Here!

Remember those days when summer vacations meant running around playing chippi, lazing in the sun with our ice lollies, and spending hours together with our best friend and confiding in them about our most protective secrets and our wildest dreams? Those days became months, that turned into years, and before we knew it, we were all adults with demanding jobs, and the simple joys of life took a backseat, with more pressing 'adult' problems to take care of. 

Capturing this innocence from our childhood, writer Tahira Kashyap brings us her directorial debut with the movie Toffee, a film that brings to light the subject of child marriage, and the importance of education for young girls.

In an interview with Times of India, Tahira said "As the name of the film Toffee suggests, it's a sweet candy which is a trip down my memory lane as I belong to Punjab and the film too is based in the outskirts of Punjab (Jalandhar). It's a beautiful story which revolves around two girls with a social message which is sure to connect and touch your heart. The film is actually based on a real-life incident from my childhood and since there were no other options like internet the only way to explore the world was through the eyes of your friend."

"This film is about the girls' marriage and their pregnancy at a very young age, which is a very big social issue", she added.

The movie is co-produced by her husband, actor Ayushmann Khurrana who has also lent his voice for a song in the film, and casting director Mukesh Chabbra. 

"Being a producer Ayushmann never came on the sets of the film even once, instead, he motivated and inspired me to strive hard by saying 'put your heart and soul in the script'", said Tahira. 

Take a look at the beautiful trailer!

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