'Oh Ho Ho School Time' Is What Taapsee Pannu's Uniform Saree Is Making Us Sing!

'Oh Ho Ho School Time' Is What Taapsee Pannu's Uniform Saree Is Making Us Sing!

It's always great to relive your school days, or as some people refer to them, 'the good old days'. It is. If it's a theme party or Halloween, sure, you'll get a fashion girl's go-ahead to be in a uniform. You'll get away with that. 

If you wear it with a straight face on a regular Sunday, especially when you're a celebrity, it most probably would be a fashion faux pas you'd regret committing. If you're not convinced, you might want to ask Taapsee Pannu how she feels about the outfit she wore yesterday.

As you can see, Taapsee wore a saree that has an uncanny resemblance to a very common uniform set back in the 90s... Burgundy and white stripes with a matching tie. Not the kind of 90s fashion we like, uh-uh.

taapsee uniform saree 1

The Mulk actress wore a co-ord saree by Abraham & Thakore for a promotional appearance yesterday. We see that it was meant to look like a uniform and did not seem like one by accident - but the styling was 'meh' and ended up making her outfit look like a childish 'fancy dress' costume rather than off-beat and nostalgic. 

taapsee uniform saree 3

Taapsee wore the shirt-style blouse tucked into the saree along with a tie that was tied with the short end on top and the long one in the back. Although this was creative, the outfit, on the whole, didn't sit well with us.

taapsee uniform saree 2

It's not that the outfit was a sure-shot failure. There are many ways it could have been saved or even been a genius idea. Had it been styled better, Taapsee could have ended up looking super chic and a trendsetter. 

How? The tie, for us, was a complete miss. We believe a uniform-style belt at the waist would have brought out the 'high-schooler' vibe in a more stylish way.

Also, if the blouse was cropped and hadn't been tucked in, the busy print wouldn't have been so overwhelming. A little skin show is the best visual break your outfit needs when it comes to busy print co-ord clothing. 

That being said we think Taapsee Pannu's style has come a long way and we love her wardrobe at the moment. So, we're hoping this saree is a lesson learnt and that she gets back to her stylish streak once again. 

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