Taapsee's Braided Bun Is A Boon For Pear-Shaped Faces

Taapsee's Braided Bun Is A Boon For Pear-Shaped Faces

Finding a hairstyle that suits your face cut is like hitting the jackpot! Compared to other shapes, a pear-shaped face is unique and quite rare. Our Bollywood diva, Taapsee, recently showed up to an event in Delhi sporting an elegant Dutch braid bun. With no flyaways at sight, Tapsee's Victorian-era hairdo enhances both, her sharp facial features and soft makeup. You must see this beauty!


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What did we tell you? Beauty at its peak!

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What it looks like from the back. Gorgeous, isn't it?


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Here's a full-length shot of our lady giving us her best pose. 

If you want to do a braid just like hers, simply follow these steps. 

Step 1: Do a perfect middle part. 

Step 2: From the crown up to the nape of your neck, divide your hair into 2 sections.

Step 3: Take a little section of hair from your left side and tie it up. Do the same for your right side. The aim is to leave a bit of hair at the bottom.

Step 4: For the bottom part, tie your hair into a low pony and do a simple three-stranded braid

Step 5: Secure the ends with an elastic band. Do a low bun and secure it with bobby pins. 

Step 6: Now that is done, move on to the right side. Create a triangle section by using your pinky finger and start making a Dutch braid. 

Step 7: Secure the ends with an elastic band. 

Step 8: Do the same on your left side now. 

Step 9: Take the right braid and drape it to the left and the left one to the right. 

Step 10: Secure both braids with bobby pins. Yep, sounds easy, right?

You'll also need these hair products to help you ace this look!

1. Forest Essentials Hair Thickening Spray (Rs 1,250)

2. Ram Mali Pack Of Small Elastics Stretchy Rubber Band (Rs 158)

3. Gatsby Leather Set and Keep Spray, Extreme Hold (Rs 152)

4. Evogirl Bobby U PIns Black (Rs 179)

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