Sushmita Sen Starts The #YesChallenge On Children’s Day!

Sushmita Sen Starts The #YesChallenge On Children’s Day!

It’s Children’s Day today. But for me it’s a regular Tuesday. I have a normal office day planned and my neverending hope to wrap up all my work by 6:30 PM so I can get back home to an early dinner and hit the bed. So I think you can safely say that I am as adult as it gets. In fact, I had no idea today was Children’s Day until my Editor sent us looking for ideas and we stumbled upon Sushmita Sen’s #YesChallenge.

Let me just say I always admired Sush. And even more when she adopted two little girls. If I never found my knight in shining armour, I used to tell myself, I could always be Sushmita Sen...minus the abs and all, of course.

So what is the #YesChallenge?

As Sush rightly says, we need to let children be children. Saying ‘no’ has become a go-to answer for several reasons. From not playing outside for long to not eating too much sweets, from having stipulated hours for watching TV to sleeping at a given time, we’ve taken way too much control of our children’s lives. But hearing ‘no’ has psychological effect on children that you might not even notice in the right time. Maybe it’s time to say yes a little more? Sen has asked all mothers to share their stories using the #YesChallenge and some of them could get the chance to be part of the #YesMom day which is to happen on 25th November.

So this Children’s Day, for the future and the present let’s pledge to say yes to our Children, existent and to-come, as much as we can!

Featured Image: Sushmita Sen on Instagram