Actress Sushmita Sen Celebrated Her Daughter Alisah's 10th Birthday Underwater!

Actress Sushmita Sen Celebrated Her Daughter Alisah's 10th Birthday Underwater!

Actress Sushmita Sen is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie and her latest post on Instagram proves that her daughters are the same! The 43-year-old single mother has two lovely daughters, Renee, 19, and Alisah,10. Recently, the Main Hoon Na actress decided to gift her younger daughter Alisah an experience of a lifetime on her 10th birthday. The family flew to the Maldives so that Alisah could celebrate her birthday by earning her PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Open Water Scuba Diver certificate, the minimum age for which is 10. Sushmita shared on Instagram that her elder daughter, Renee got her certificate when Alisah was just five years old and Alisah couldn't wait to join the club.

Sushmita wrote, "To the bravest 10 year old I know & take pride in being her mother!!👏😍👍🤗❤️ This is what I gifted her for her 10th birthday😉💋Alisah was only 5 yrs old when Renee & I got certified as PADI Open Water Scuba Diver, and she was most annoyed that the minimum age for scuba diving was 10 yrs old...she waited 5 birthdays for this day!!!👊😁😍 And of course did her first scuba dive in Maldives, just like her Maa & sister😊💋❤️ SHE WAS AMAZING, logging in 41 minutes & 9 meters/ 29 feet in the Indian Ocean.👏👏💃🏻❤️😍 My #godchild @aaliyahsenb8 age 16yrs old also did her first scuba dive with Alisah & I couldn’t be prouder of both my incredible babies!!!👏😇❤️ Thank you Naveen & Hussain for being the most amazing instructors my kids could ever have hoped for, to go past all fears & DIVE!!!👍😍❤️ HAPPYYYYY BIRTHDAY ALISAH!!!❤️💃🏻 #sharing #training #scubadiving #padi #maldives #birthdaygirl #proudmom 😁🤗😍I love you guys!!!!" she added in the caption.

Here are all the videos from Alisah's first scuba dive that proud mom Sushmita shared on Instagram.

While Alisah was busy learning something new, Mom Sushmita couldn't hold herself back and decided to try her hand at skin diving. Skin diving is also referred to as free diving or breath-hold diving. While scuba divers carry their air supply, skin divers are limited to how long they can stay underwater by the amount of air they can hold in their lungs. 

Sushmita shared videos of her own accomplishments underwater with the caption, "Learning to Skin Dive at 43!!!😉👊💃🏻 Its never too late for anything or anyone, a single step...a leap of faith, is all that is needed to get started, the rest naturally follows!!👍💋I kept diving into the ocean until I learned to dance my way back up!!!😄🎵💃🏻 Thank you Hussain Hassam for teaching me the strength of a single breath!!❤️ #dancingsunrays #oceanic #peace #meditation #indianocean #maldives #breathtaking #experience #skindive #cherished 😇💃🏻 I love you guys!! #duggadugga ❤️"

What a woman! Sushmita Sen's zest for life is truly an inspiration and is making us crave a vacation ASAP.

Featured Image: Instagram

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