Supreme Court Is Planning To Revise Section 377 & What A Great Start To 2018!

Supreme Court Is Planning To Revise Section 377  & What A Great Start To  2018!

2017 was a year with a lot of good news for the gay community around the world and we are very happy for them. While we're happy about other countries and their progress, we wish that India makes it's progress towards this sometime soon too. We believe that it makes God really happy when two people, any two people fall in love. Which is why love should be given a chance no matter what form it's in. 

India has not had a very good history with homosexuality as it's still a big taboo in our country no matter how hard we've tried to change it. Let's go a little back in time to see India's response to homosexuality over the years!

Section 377 of the constitution states sexual relation or marriage between two people of the same sex a criminal offence calling it an act which was against the 'law of nature'. In 2009, the Delhi High court held this provision to be unconstitutional if the sex was between two consenting adults. In 2013, however, Supreme Court overturned the ruling; calling same-sex marriage, or sexual relations, a criminal offence. Several communities have expressed their views on de-criminalising this law but for the longest time, we saw no such change coming our way, whatsoever. This move was one of the biggest setbacks for a country that is the largest democracy in the world.

inside supreme court to revise section 377

However, in response to a recent concern raised by five members of the LGBT community talking about how they fear to live a normal life due to their 'criminal' sexual orientation. Supreme court has issued a writ to the centre today, 8th January 2018, seeking their views on the same. No one should live in fear, they say and we couldn't agree more!

A three-judge panel will review this controversial section and we feel that it's a great step towards a positive future because only small steps lead to big decisions and we are definitely in the sweet hope of seeing a better 2018. 

Every human being has the right to live fearlessly and happily no matter what sexual orientation they belong to. We are all citizens of a country that is moving towards a happier future gradually and it's about time we bring this revolutionary change. #fingerscrossed

Here's hoping that love triumphs all, yet again and that we get to hear a good news very soon.