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Superwoman Lilly Singh Turned Fairy Godmother For Fans, Emotionally & Financially!

Superwoman Lilly Singh Turned Fairy Godmother For Fans, Emotionally & Financially!

Lilly Singh strikes again! With her bold attitude and strong opinions, she’s become a feminist icon. And quite rightly so, she’s shown her support to the LGBTQ community and been behind several female rights’ campaigns. Yesterday, after completing 999 vlogs, she decided to celebrate her 1000th one by giving away $1000 to the fans, on Twitter, who needed help! From tuition fees to grocery bills, she asked a question on her tweet and helped make some lives easier in return.

Here’s The $1000 Dollar Question

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To Some She Was A Shoulder Of Support

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And For Others, A Knight In Shining Armour

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A Break Away From The Daily Routine

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She Gave Someone A Fresh Start

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Imagine Being Motivated By Superwoman?!

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She’s As Real As It Gets

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Eat Right, Boo!

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Saving The World, One Relationship At A Time

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It goes without saying that Superwoman donned the Fairy Godmother wand for quite a few of her fans post this Twitter interaction. Honestly, how many such public figures do we find today who can readily do this, without squinting or squirming? Sure, they have a lot of money. But, how often do we see these figures spontaneously reaching out to their fans, real time, and actually helping them out in ways that actually matter in the harsher reality of times.

Lilly Singh has come a long way and along the road, she’s built her following through love, adoration and relatability. And she hasn’t lost any of that, even  today when she’s as famous as the Obamas, has a bestselling book to her name and a bunch of prominent magazine covers, too.

If role models are what we’re still looking for, Lilly Singh is as real as it gets.

Watch her journey and reactions here:

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Don’t ever change, Lilly!