Super 30 Review: 25 Thoughts I Had While Watching A Fake-Tanned Hrithik Roshan

Super 30 Review: 25 Thoughts I Had While Watching A Fake-Tanned Hrithik Roshan

Super 30 is a Hindi movie about a math wizard who takes up the enormous task of teaching 30 smart but underprivileged kids. Directed by Vikas Bahl, the film is inspired by the real life story of Anand Kumar from Bihar, played by Hrithik Roshan in the film, who single-handedly started the programme to train resourceless students for the IIT-JEE, an entrance exam to get into the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology.

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Thoughts I Had While Watching Super 30

*Approach with caution, spoilers and tearjerkers ahead.

1. The opening credits include mathematical animations... Is this an ad for Unacademy? LOL sorry.

2. The opening speech is by Vijay Varma, wow! They’ve started the movie on a high note, I’m already hooked!

3. And here comes our eye-candy turned eye-chocolate-candy, Anand Kumar (Thanks to the spray tan!)

4. Anand has just won a debate competition and the guy who lost to him looks exactly like Sundar Pichai LOL.

5. Okay, so I had just started to get nostalgic about my own math exams when they shove this romantic number in my face. Please, we already have Karan Johar for that!


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6. Anand is so in love with math and Ritu that he gives her a love letter written in binary code. Talk about maintaining the best of both worlds! But is he considerate enough to teach Ritu the binary code? NO!

7. This love song is totally crazy. One of the lines says, “...bhagwaan ke bharose, chodke samose...Lyrics bhi kisi mathematician se likhwaaye hain kya?

8. Now they’re back to business - Anand gets into Cambridge University because if he didn’t then why would they even make a movie on him?

9. Oh! But poor Anand cannot afford to go there because if he did then how would BOLLYWOOD make a movie on him?

10. Since he can’t go to Cambridge, he obviously has to resort to selling papad because there’s obviously no middle ground.

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11. Now, a rich man owning a posh car wants papad-seller Anand to teach nacho-eating rich kids.

12. Cut to the present where Anand has become the first teacher in the history of mankind to get drunk on the success of...teaching.

13. The hangover has hit Anand real bad. I think he is going to leave his job to teach poor kids for free. 

14. YES! I was right, obviously, because I’ve seen the trailer.

15. Guys, it’s been half an hour and it is safe to say that Hrithik’s accent has effectively grown on me.

16. He decides to teach 30 impoverished children.

17. All of them, from different corners of Bihar, have reached him by swimming, running, walking for 15+ km. Funny how our grandparents also had to swim for 15kms and fight crocodiles to reach their schools.

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18. The second half looks like Taare Zameen Par IIT Bihar version (not complaining).

19. Now, these kids have expressed their insecurities about English, people speaking in English, and English speaking in English.

20. Because these kids don’t know how to speak in English, Anand is not going to ask them to come up with a shuddh English play overnight only to be performed in front of those nacho-eating rich kids, right? RIGHT?! 

21. Damn wrong!

22. The play sails through well, thanks to beatboxing and sa re ga ma pa.

23. Okay, I must admit that there are many tearjerkers in this movie and they’re frickin’ unavoidable, thanks to Hrithik’s bombass acting and Ajay-Atul’s background music.

24. We’re inching towards the climax where these kids put up a brave science version of Bahubali war against the local goons.

25. So what happens in the end? *Hush-hush* I am not going to tell you that!

Overall, the movie is good and a one-time watch (at least for our very own Greek God), but can be missed if you aren’t a big fan of theatricals and movies that make you ugly-cry. And Hrithik’s fake tan, of course. Or that accent. I give Super 30 3 out of 5 stars.

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